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Ed Gillespie Should Debate

Dear Editor of any Virginia Newspaper:

Ed Gillespie’s Conservative claim to fame is that he wrote the Contract for America in 1994. He was Dick Armey’s right hand man. 237 more words

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Oh joy...another immigration flame-fest

So, new RPV Executive Director Shaun Kenney (full disclosure, close friend of mine) takes some time to sit with center-left activists on the immigration issue. Much of his talk centers around thanking them for stopping by, talking about how it’s important to talk to folks who don’t necessarily agree with them, and an observation on the debate that was miles above anything discussed on the matter since… 354 more words

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Cuccinelli Gave $25K to RPV Yesterday; Why Is Bolling Still Sitting On $334K?

From an email sent out today by RPV Chairman Pat Mullins:

had a pretty good first day on the job, too. Ken Cuccinelli stepped up to the plate and gave us $25,000 to help us put all of our attention on Mark Warner going into the fall!

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Kenney In At RPV, Foreman Out In Dumfries

In light of Virtucon’s long track record of April Fool’s Day posts dating back to 2006, we thought it wise to hold off until today to report two unexpected political moves in the Commonwealth lest they thought to be pranks on our part. 233 more words

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Winner of Republican Congressional 10th Race (Most Appealing Web Site)

Here are the candidates in alphabetical order:
•Delegate Barbara Comstock

•Stephen Hollingshead

•Howie Lind

•Delegate Bob Marshall

•Marc Savitt

•Rob Wasinger

WINNER with special mention for FONT selection. 18 more words

Manassas Open Forum

On the Bank Bailout, the Buckley Rule, and Ed Gillespie

There has been increasing talk among Virginia Republicans about “the Buckley Rule,” and how it should impact decision on the nomination for U.S. Senate. There are, however, two problems with the application (usually from Ed Gillespie supporters): the rule isn’t quite what they think it is; and even if it did, Gillespie still wouldn’t qualify. 690 more words

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A Little Twat and a Whole Lot of Controversy - When Republicans are Their Own Worst Enemies

Bob Fitzsimmons, Treasurer of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) used the word twat in a facebook discussion a few nights ago.  Twat in case you don’t know is sometimes used as slang for the female vulva.  729 more words