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Eastát Ghleann Collainn

Mural in the Glen Colin estate, just off the Glen Road showing The Roddy’s club (in white) with the hunger striker memorial in the shape of a harp in front (shown in the image below) and  113 more words


The Chamber of Cowards

“Senator had the courage to save our financial system by supporting the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.  He saved us from default by voting to constantly raise the debt ceiling and ended the government shutdown by voting for Obamacare.  172 more words

Political Parties

The United States of America: Oligarchy or Democracy/Republic? Stand-up comedian Lee Camp weighs in.

GOP Secedes from Reality: A Letter the Journal Sentinel Didn't Publish

Dear Editor,

In his recent Journal Sentinel column (“Wisconsin GOP isn’t seceding from reality”), Christian Schneider accuses the economic protest movement known as Occupy of “darker strains of leftism” including anti-Semitism, as well as “just about every other ‘ism’ history has rejected . 258 more words



1 person, 1 vote is for pansies



I consider myself if anything, an Eisenhower Republican.  Whatever happened to the Republican Party?  Like another famous (R) said; “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me…”  Found an interesting quote from Ike recently and thought it’s apropos both now and then. 37 more words


An Engineer's Solution to Some Problems in Society

Well, its been a while since my last post… silly engineering school.

Speaking of engineering, engineering is, in general, the quest to solve problems. To make a more efficient and powerful engine, or create a plane that requires less fuel to fly, or make manufacturing of a product less expensive and quicker. 2,121 more words