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Hologram Reagan Wows GOP Conventon


Determined not to be outdone by the Democrat’s highly successful Obamabot at their recent gathering, Republican’s unveiled a surprisingly lifelike singing and dancing Ronald Reagan hologram at last night’s convention session. 190 more words


Thesaurus synonyms for ‘obstructionist’ include ‘right-winger,’ ‘rightist’

Apparently only conservatives and others on the right can be obstructionists, according to Roget’s Thesaurus.

A search for synonyms of “obstructionist” on Thesaurus.com, which cites… 57 more words


Kansas senator touts agriculture policy expertise

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts has the support of major farm groups and is touting his expertise in agriculture policy as he campaigns for re-election in the nation’s leading wheat-producing state. 103 more words


You Don’t have to be Muslim to have sympathy for Gaza….

But in Northern Ireland it appears you do have to be Republican.

This is a little off course from my other posts which focus solely on Northern Ireland but given that Northern Ireland seems to be so interested in the Israel/Gaza dispute I thought I would have my tuppence worth. 1,321 more words

Howard Stern gives impassioned defense of Israel (language)

When a caller attempted to blame Israel for the war with Hamas last week, SiriusXM radio host Howard Stern told him to “F*** off!” and then launched into an impassioned defense of Israel, saying “If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America” and arguing that Israel is “the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right.”    28 more words


The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

While the global elite construct underground bunkers, eat organic and hoard seeds in Arctic vaults; the global poor are being slowly starved thanks to high commodity prices and poisoned with genetically modified (GMO) food.

Dean Henderson