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I consider myself if anything, an Eisenhower Republican.  Whatever happened to the Republican Party?  Like another famous (R) said; “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me…”  Found an interesting quote from Ike recently and thought it’s apropos both now and then. 37 more words


An Engineer's Solution to Some Problems in Society

Well, its been a while since my last post… silly engineering school.

Speaking of engineering, engineering is, in general, the quest to solve problems. To make a more efficient and powerful engine, or create a plane that requires less fuel to fly, or make manufacturing of a product less expensive and quicker. 2,121 more words

Drunk confession to a Republican

My brother was giving me a ride home from happy hour last night. Two drinks is really all I need, but I had three or maybe four. 80 more words



By Zachary Wood

Colonial Heights, VA—2014 could be the year that many Republicans have been waiting for since Democrats gained control of the Senate in 2006. 442 more words

In The Real World

Former Belfast Leader Of Continuity IRA Killed

I write this as a lad who grew up with this in my life and my thoughts. We can’t help who and where were we were born into. 395 more words

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RMC Responds: Prevention Over Politics

This week, Facebook commenter Heather made a simple but important statement about prevention: “Birth control and family planning aren’t necessarily moral decisions.  They’re medical decisions which people choose to overlay with moral constructs.”  Heather’s comment is so significant because in today’s tense political environment, it is far too easy to loose sight of the real issues and forget how Americans actually feel about this important family issue. 223 more words