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‘I love England… I love England, it’s citizens… I once swore to protect it, and her citizens… I don’t go back on an Oath…’

‘I aim to be a leader in ‘English Republicanism’… how the hell ya think I feel about ‘Irish Republicanism’!’ 435 more words


Derry Hoaxes Threaten Reunification

At the time of writing media outlets are reporting a second bomb scare in Northern Ireland. This is the second such scare experienced by residents of Derry in the past 48 hours. 785 more words

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R.I.P. Augustus Caesar, 2000 years ago today.


Oliver Goldsmith (who tended to nick things and probably nicked this) remarked of Augustus Caesar that it would have been much better for the world if Augustus had never been born, or if he had never died.   453 more words

The Enlightenment and Barbaric Republics

My latest post at the group blog New APPS

I’ve recently encountered a suggestion (in personal communication) that it might be difficult for an Enlightenment thinker to envisage republicanism in barbarian or even more savage peoples. 132 more words

Letter To Ed Miliband

The following is a letter I have sent to Ed Miliband through the “Unlock Democracy” Campaign that seeks to see an elected Upper Chamber in the United Kingdom’s parliament. 549 more words


PIRA/Sinn Fein: A Movement Without Morals (Part One)


I was recently asked why I oppose Irish nationalism/republicanism. As though opposition to that repugnant doctrine were somehow unnatural or scarcely fathomable. There are many, many valid reasons for opposing Irish nationalism. 1,220 more words

Irish Nationalism

Victims and pariahs

We just can’t get enough of the Israel-Palestine thing in Northern Ireland. Whether we’re putting Israeli flags on lamp posts or parading around the town on an ‘anti-war protest’, every time there’s an upsurge in violence in Gaza we just can’t help but get a little crazy. 442 more words