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From the Dáil debate on Family Planning (Amendment) Bill, 1985, and worth reading in full… but here’s an excerpt:

“Republican” is perhaps the most abused word in Ireland today.

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Irish anarchist interviewed about the 1970s and 80s (part 1)

As a teenager Alan MacSimoin joined the Official Republican Movement but soon moved towards anarchism, later being a founder member of the Workers Solidarity Movement. 96 more words


Expanding the Liberty Canon: Tacitus on Barbarian Liberty

Cornelius Tacitus was a Roman senator and historian from the early Roman Empire. Some details of his life are oddly evasive given his high status in the Roman system and his fame as a writer. 2,297 more words


On Types of Republicanism

My latest post at the group blog New APPS

The academic literature on republicanism, in my experience, largely assumes one major distinction between kinds of republicanism.

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Gerry Madden

Dessie Swanton (left) and Gerry Madden (right).

Sad news from Jim Lane:

An old comrade of mine has passed away. Gerry Madden died this morning and will be buried on Monday in Cork.

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The Left

Does the Republican Movement Stand a Chance?

Article: Shaye Windsor

The weather was not ideal: low grey clouds and rain, a stark background as she descended the planes steps, child perched on her hip. 948 more words