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Expanding the Liberty Canon: Aristotle

Apparently  some people have enjoyed the posts on ‘Another Liberty Canon’, so I will keep going on that tack, but with a revision to the heading as I ‘ll be covering some thinkers already accepted into the liberty canon, or at least some of the various canons. 1,541 more words


15 Decades Strong, Democrats. Great job!

Ok, so slavery ended at the end of the year in 1865 which makes me early by much more than a few months, but with the newest “humanitarian effort” being led by Harry Reid and the Democrats on our southern border, I find it necessary to congratulate them early. 1,161 more words

History 101

Tears of a Clown: How good Republicans "mourn" the death of America...while making it happen.

In The Crisis on the Border, published this week by The Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan dutifully resumes her well-worn role of conservative-ish Republican voice of reason/propaganda, showing us once again that at least some of the good folks in Republicanville are paying very close attention and are very, … 1,012 more words


So one time I wrote about...

…the newest trend in media, which is to make everything a list, a picture, an emotion, blahh blaaaaah blaaahhhhhh.  Into a whatever- anything but paragraphs and complete statements.   1,008 more words


Rose on abolishing the monarchy

The following is from Chatwadee Rose Amornpat‘s Facebook page:

The Misconception of “Lom Chao (ล้มเจ้า)”

ความเข้าใจผิดของคำว่า “ล้มเจ้า”

It looks so fashionable these days, among royalists, to accuse people who seek democracy to “lom chao (ล้มเจ้า)”- one who seeks to abolish the royals! 950 more words

Debunking myths about America's Founders and Their Ideas

Today marks the 238th birthday for the United States of America. It is the most reviled day for America’s enemies and the most beloved day for America’s patriots. 1,412 more words