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On Types of Republicanism

My latest post at the group blog New APPS

The academic literature on republicanism, in my experience, largely assumes one major distinction between kinds of republicanism.

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Gerry Madden

Dessie Swanton (left) and Gerry Madden (right).

Sad news from Jim Lane:

An old comrade of mine has passed away. Gerry Madden died this morning and will be buried on Monday in Cork.

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The Left

Does the Republican Movement Stand a Chance?

Article: Shaye Windsor

The weather was not ideal: low grey clouds and rain, a stark background as she descended the planes steps, child perched on her hip. 948 more words


Freedom or freedoms?

References to the concept of freedom are ubiquitous throughout contemporary political discourse, and given the way people speak it seems that everyone is in favour of freedom, and yet people disagree deeply about the nature of this concept. 1,163 more words

Political Philosophy

Expanding the Liberty Canon: John Fortescue on the Laws and Government of England

John Fortescue (who was knighted and so is also known as Sir John Fortescue) lived from approximately from 1394  to 1480,  and so endured the Wars of the Roses, the highly destructive struggle of two families in the late Middle Ages for possession of the English crown. 1,963 more words


The Way Forward

“The way forward”

I understand the potential negative side effects that this could have, and truthfully I mean no offence to either Graham Smith or the organisation he heads, Republic. 260 more words

Monarchy And...