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How the "Strong Black Woman" Stereotype is Hurting You

Strength has been  seen throughout the ages as a mighty virtue. A force that has the ability to burn whole nations to the ground, yet help others rebuild themselves from the ashes. 445 more words

Happy Thanksgiving...

Well, I am supposed to be en route to West Palm Beach, via the Atlantic Ocean. The plan was to drive down to Savannah this past Saturday, provision the boat , BTW an awesomely handsome 47′ racing catamaran, on Sunday, and depart the port of Savannah early Monday, destination south. 667 more words

My Musings

He's Damaging The Presidency? Really?

Sometimes I wonder just how Speaker Boehner says these things with a straight face!

He warned the President! He warned him!

He warned the President that he was making it impossible for him to pass immigration legislation! 142 more words

Conservative Politics

Speaking of everything being fucking awful...

I see the Democrats are doing their usual shit of selling out to corporate interests at the expense of science, clean renewable energy, and the middle class and poor people: 271 more words



Neal Pollard

Being patriotic and having a political heritage like we do in this country, we may have strong, personal convictions in the realm of politics. 455 more words


POS Puts to Rest the Myth Most Voters Did Not Vote

Public Opinion Strategies, a GOP pollster, has finally put to rest the myth that a majority of US voters did NOT vote this election as President Obama insisted when he said, “To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. 717 more words


Blacks, Race Relations No Better Under Obama

Yesterday President Obama lent his support to the spirit behind the rioters in Ferguson. He declared their frustration is rooted in “hard truths.” Obama actually called the rioters criminals before saying they should work with him. 800 more words