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WHAT THE F*&% Wednesday - 'William Gheen and Alex Jones: Obama Using Obamaphones To Recruit Central American Kids To Become Child Soldiers'

This is the Republican ‘base’ that the Republican leadership is so afraid of offending.

A normal person would ask themselves – why?

“Once Obama brings these ‘kids’ in, gives them their Obamaphone, enrolls them in Obamacare, puts them in a public school, pays for their housing, pays for their foods…These people will do anything that their leaders call them to do, and I mean literally anything.” 136 more words


The Illegal Alien Invasion: Boehner Talks Tough. Sessions Talks Tougher.

As the invasion across our Southern Border continues unabated, the GOP Establishment is working on presenting a bill to “address the problem” and keep their “friends”, like the US Chamber of Commerce, happy at the same time. 1,263 more words


House Republicans Unveil Women’s Legislation in Push for Female Voters

House Republicans on Wednesday will introduce a package of legislation aimed at helping “all Americans — particularly women — succeed at home and at work,” Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ office told TIME exclusively. 1,099 more words


Sometimes just being one’s true self
means walking alone in the dark
seeing the backs of so called friends
when ya tell it like it really is… 128 more words


It Matters Not

One can claim
to be a Christian all they want
to be saved
yet if their behavior doesn’t match
it does not
matter if they wear a cross round… 31 more words


4 Republicans in governor chase to debate

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican voters still undecided about who to back in next month’s primary for Minnesota governor have a chance to hear all four contenders in the same spot. 85 more words


Charlie Crist: “I’m not a scientist either but I can use my brain and I can talk to one”

By James Call on July 26, 2014

Charlie Crist knows how to work a storyline.

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate, who as a Republican governor in 2007 said global warming was “one of the most important issues that we will face this is century,” was handed an opportunity to highlight a difference between himself and Gov. 479 more words

Govenor Rick Scott