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Voting...An Exersize in futility?

Marti Oakley


“Was it Snowden for revealing the insidious activity of this NSA? Or were the traitors actually those who ordered the spying? Maybe it was those who sat at their desks and did the actual spying, or those who wrote the programming that facilitated the spying.

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Marti Oakley

The Fallacy of Libertarian Economics

With election day on Tuesday (GO VOTE!), it seems that the Republican Party has a single overarching theme this election cycle: taxes are bad. 1,783 more words

On Politics

What are the Republicans? What are the Democrats? ("Dude, Where's My Party?," by Ward Sutton)

Republicans can take nothing and turn it into a Democrat scandal

Democrats can take a Republican scandal and turn it into nothing

Republicans go to great lengths to elevate their right-wing base… 185 more words