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"The GOP Still Is Chock Full O’ Nuts": How Long Can The Republicans Hide The Crazy?

I have to give the Republicans credit for one thing in this election cycle. They’ve been able to keep their crazies quiet. But the big question is: Will some GOP crazy talk seep out between now November 4? 1,028 more words


Rand Paul tells California Republicans the party has to be better than it's been

LOS ANGELES — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul urged California Republicans on Saturday to attract new voters by trying tactics typically associated with Democrats: pushing for expanded voting rights, reforming criminal drug sentences and talking to minorities. 664 more words


Your Sunday Morning Wingnut Laff: Sarah Palin Says...

Whenever Sarah opens her mouth, it’s inadvertently funny. What’s truly scary is the fact that there are people who actually believe this bozo should be in power over anything. 15 more words


"The Not-So-Soft Racism of Tom Cotton": A Deliberate Divisive Form Of Racial Politics

Reagan adviser Lee Atwater:

Atwater: You start out in 1954 by saying, “N—–, n—–, n—–.” By 1968 you can’t say “n—–” — that hurts you.

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Republicans' belief in evolution plummets, poll reveals - CBS News

Comment :
Not hard to see the purpose of this poll and the progressive messaging to voters. Democrats are in step and Republicans are out of step and becoming more so. 77 more words