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Lewis Black On Fox News and Black Friday

Lewis Black On Fox News and Black Friday

The above clip of Lewis Black on Black Friday exposes the absurdity of Fox News.  Apparently Fox News is coming down hard on workers that want off on Thanksgiving, but not on corporate stores that are forced to be open… 32 more words

Obama’s Unlawful Amnesty Actions – Unanswered Examples

Obama’s Unlawful Amnesty Actions – It’s All A Smokescreen

Ruthie Hendrycks November 21, 2014

Obama NOW claims that he has the authority to override our immigration laws after repeatedly stating that he could not – not by Executive Order – but with a Presidential Memo (much like my grocery list memo on the fridge). 1,002 more words


Liberals Still Don't Realize They Lost

Democrats lost control of the Senate and the House (again) earlier this month, but you’d never know it from the way they’re acting right now. Progressives are… 315 more words


Bravo, Mr. President

Kevin Drum, a blogger for Mother Jones, has called this executive action by Obama absolutely politically brilliant. He details how the Republicans will be tripping over themselves, alienating themselves from the fastest growing sector of our population, latinos, and tying up their own agenda for the next two years. 158 more words


Dana Perino: Obama's Executive Actions On Immigration Are Lawful

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Dana Perino, the former spokeswoman for George W. Bush  in the White House and Fox News co-host, said “Republicans are really boxed in” on President Obama’s executive amnesty, and that his actions are easily within the law. 195 more words


President Obama takes action on immigration, how will the GOP respond?

On Thursday, President Barack Obama unveiled his plan on immigration during a nationally televised address.

During President Obama’s address on immigration he said:

… for a year and a half now, Republican leaders in the House have refused to allow that simple vote.

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Analysis of Immigration Executive Order

Illegal immigration has once again been thrust into the spotlight by President Obama’s speech to the nation about his Executive Order on the subject. It had mostly taken a backseat during the election as neither side really wanted to talk about any issue facing the nation. 663 more words