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Colbert Demolishes Sarah Palin's New Media Venture VIDEO

ByCATHERINE THOMPSONPublishedJULY 30, 2014, 8:23 AM EDT7331 Views

It’s easy enough to mock Sarah Palin’s new eponymous online video channel, but Stephen Colbert took the Palin-trolling a step further on Tuesday by announcing he bought… 126 more words

Wing Nuts

"Lazy, Incompetent And Irresponsible": The House GOP’s Underwhelming Response To A Crisis

Three weeks ago, President Obama presented a pretty credible solution to the humanitarian crisis at the U.S./Mexico border. The White House requested $3.7 billion in emergency funding… 635 more words


'Are Republicans really the problem'?

The Economy

‘Senate Republicans block Obama bid to hike minimum wage'(8)

‘Backed By China? House Republicans Block Critical ‘Make It In America’ Bill’
“The House Republican leadership last Tuesday blocked a bill to secure for American companies critical minerals used in the production of energy-efficient products, renewable energy systems, electronics and other technologies. 363 more words


Debunking The Republican Liars - 'Boehner: Impeachment Talk Is A 'Scam' By Democrats To Raise Money'

This was such a blatant lie that it was debunked even before the so called Boehner press conference was over.

Why do Republicans lie so much? 270 more words


Coffee With Cathy McMorris Rodgers - 'Freedom', 'Liberty' and Lies

Washington States US Representative 5th District Cathy McMorris Rodgers has voted only 42 times out of the 50+ votes the House of Representatives has taken to repeal, defund or delay in whole or part the Affordable Care Act – Obamcare. 66 more words


A Republican World - 'Senate Nominee Argues Low Minimum Wage Is ‘Appropriate for Iowa’

‘Iowa Senate nominee Rep. Bruce Braley (D) released a new campaign ad on Tuesday highlighting his Republican opponent’s opposition to increasing the minimum wage’.

166 more words


No Longer Republican Extremism - 'Exclusive: GOP Senate Candidate Caught Saying States Can Nullify Laws'

teabaggers – A person who believes the Constitution only applies to them when they want it to.

This is why it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with a teabagger. 60 more words