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Obama’s Israel legacy: A hostile Democratic Party

by William McGurn
July 24, 2014

It’s a the-chicken-or-the-egg question. Which came first: the Obama administration’s public contempt toward our allies in Jerusalem, or liberal Democratic animosity toward Israel?  329 more words

Israel & Middle East

Why Am I Moving Left? « Andrew Sullivan--The Dish

The conduct of the GOP during the Obama administration has been a nihilist disgrace. In 2009, Obama inherited crises on every front: an economy in terrifying free-fall, a bankrupted Treasury, an even more morally bankrupt foreign policy, and two failed wars. 135 more words

Wing Nuts

Paul Ryan wants to fight poverty by putting poor people on probation, for being poor

Apparently the country was due for another round of Paul Ryan’s “Message: I Care” tour

…because yesterday he released his brand new idea for saving the poor: The Opportunity Grant®. 1,398 more words

Republican Fee-fees

U.S. Mexican Border: Fact Vs. Fiction

After watching the spectacular ignorance taking place by red necks on the border I had to write this post. Listening to these inbred nut jobs scream out things like “Not our kids, not our problems” and “ go home dirty beaners” while hiding behind conservatism is embarrassing . 578 more words


' House Republicans Move Forward with Reduced Border Funding of Less than $1 Billion '

#AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 25 – House Republicans are moving toward a vote on a slimmed-down border bill that would provide President Obama with less than $1 billion in funding to deal with the influx of child migrants. 96 more words


Neel Kashkari for Governor of California

George Will discusses Kashkari’s appeal, which might well prove to be considerable, given the politics of the state of California. The state would do well to elect a governor who has more than a passing amount of experience with the private sector, of course; hasn’t California had enough of career politicians like Jerry Brown, who have barely (if ever) worked outside of the political/governmental sphere? 70 more words

Say it isn't so ...

So, I got an email on Monday, saying oh… there’s more that Justin Gammill has to share about “natural flavorings,” turns out , so do I. 532 more words