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On optimism and boxes


I interviewed two amazing artists for Repurposed a while back – Valerie Arntzen and Christina Norberg, in case you’re interested. The profiles themselves will go live when the first issue of the magazine launches. 681 more words


April 24th - The Resourceful Golf Professional

This morning it was posted on Facebook that my aunt would have having a barn sale today. She is selling off supplies she uses for her horse boarding business she is getting out of. 125 more words

Now for something totally different

I don’t know why this impacted me so much today. But I feel that it needs to be told.

I wondered why there was so much cancer in babies and young children and other ‘diseases’ and this answered some of the many questions I had. 457 more words

A Frozen Birthday Party: Sleds for Seating

My daughter loves the movie Frozen. She has been asking to have a Frozen birthday party at our home since the movie came out. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous….am still nervous…However, I always remind myself that ‘They Will Love Your Effort’ regardless if it’s absolutely perfect (and remember…only you have the ‘perfect vision’ in your own head). 576 more words


Don't toss your old clothes!

Repurpose them. Seriously, if it’s not stained beyond belief, that’s a lot (well, depending on how big you are. Those XS girls won’t get quite the use out of their old clothes that I do…) ¬†of good fabric to be giving or throwing away. 513 more words


How this Ringpull will Save you Money

Simply slip one hole of the ringpull over one coat hanger and then push an additional coat hanger through the other hole

I first saw this idea a few years ago on The Oprah Show by Professional Organiser, Peter Walsh and have been using it ever since. 191 more words