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Lazy "Day's Eye" of Summer

In the humid and scorching Southern sun’s rays it’s easy to feel a bit wilted!  And yet the perky plucky Daisy from the old English “day’s eye” seem forever in bloom.   60 more words

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A Wisdom Exchange Necklace

Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Coming Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers,” has impacted over and over again my own understanding of Buddhism and Christianity– compassion, mindfulness–and how I have discussed the artwork of these great religions with my own students. 52 more words

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Monet's Statement Necklace

Designing and completing this necklace, Monet’s waterlily series kept flowing through my mind…the coolness of the water, and shadows gently creeping upon the landscape. In my mind’s eye, Monet is capturing the fleeting effects of light with layer upon layer of intertwined colors dancing upon the canvas. 47 more words

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Do You Have the Time?

Wristwatches became popular in America after WW I as it is more practical to pull back a sleeve than fish for your pocket watch particularly in the throes of war.  48 more words

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A Six Pack of Earrings

One of the reasons I like making earrings is the oh-so-quick results. Well, “quick” compared to the hours and sometimes days it often takes me to design and finish a necklace. 22 more words

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Upcycling Jewelry: Making Something New Out of Vintage

Reuse, remake, repurpose old vintage jewelry into something new! I  love to make upcycled jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, totally unique and is fashionable and fun to wear today! 263 more words