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Lady Elgin Took the 116!

If we could take a train back in time what would January 16th reveal? Columbus was leaving the Americas in 1493 while Darwin was just reaching Cape Verde in 1832; the 18th Amendment was ratified in1920 (Bummer!) and then repealed in 1933 (Whoohoo!).  45 more words

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Absolutely Amethyst Necklace

Whether its Purple, Lavender,Lilac, Mauve, or Plum however you describe this hue, She is the color of imagination and inspiration!  What makes this new NEC pretty so much fun? 37 more words

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Sashay My Way?

Why yes she would love to dance! Can you hear the faint music and catch a whiff of her signature scent?  Can you image the vanity, her owner seated as she gazes into the mirror double checking her hair and make-up. 70 more words

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Swarovski's New Moon

In 1892 Daniel Swarovski in his homeland of Bohemia patented an electronic cutting machine to create crystal glass. And whether it be the star atop the Rockefeller center Christmas tree or crystal gemstones that fit in the palm of your hand, Swarovski is synonymous with innovative colors and finishes.   71 more words

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