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How to manage your reputation online (2 of 4)


Managing your online reputation isn’t just about ensuring you have registered all the appropriate social media accounts and URLs for your name. As well as preventing people from using your name online in social media accounts and URLs as far as possible, you also need to: 878 more words

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How to manage your reputation online (1 of 4)

Do you know what people are saying about you online? Everyone, but especially prominent people, needs to be aware of how people view them on line. 1,177 more words

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Singapore Airlines Approximate Online Communication over the MH17 Tragedy

After the announcement that Malaysian airline MH17 had been shot down over eastern Ukraine, Singapore Airlines was quick to post on their social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) a public statement addressed to their customers claiming that its flights “are not using the Ukrainian airspace”.

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Legal advice, and when to ignore it

When a crisis strikes, the CEO’s first public statement can set the tone for everything that follows. However, top executives often feel themselves handcuffed by legal advice which may lead to false-sounding apologies, wrong decisions and unwanted outcomes. 476 more words

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Size is no protection against reputation risk

It’s easy to imagine that it’s mainly big companies, big brands and high-profile celebrities who are vulnerable to reputation damage. But a small New Zealand company has shown that every organization, no matter what size, can be at risk from public issues. 402 more words

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Denial doesn't make the crisis go away

Harvey Pitt, former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, once warned that “one of the most difficult problems executives face during crises is confronting the fact that a crisis actually exists.” 504 more words

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