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Perfect Blue: a very unique animated thriller.

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   Perfect Blue:

Writers: Yoshikazu Takeuchi(Novel), Sadayuki Murai(Screenplay)

Director: Satoshi Kon

 It saddens me that animator Satoshi Kon died so suddenly in his career.  640 more words

5 Movies to Reference During Your Next Networking Event

Recent films like the edgy, surreal Hirsute, and his latest feature Stress Position, have made an impression on audiences and critics all over the world, earning A.J. 241 more words


requiem for a dream bir rüya için ağıt (2000)

requiem for a dream

sakin bir film ararken dram yazını görünce hemen atladım ama şu an hiç de umduğum gibi değilim adfsgafsg
hayallerden bahsetmişken herhalde oyunculuğu ve senaryosuyla bana acaba gerçek olaylardan mı alıntı diye merak ettiren bu filmi şimdi, “her”den sonra, izlemem iyi bir rastlantı oldu. 86 more words


Physiology of Film

Films are sequences of shots pieced together to form a single, continuous storyline. Each shot, as described by author Bernard Dick in his book Anatomy of Film… 1,006 more words

Blog Post #2. Film Jargon

My Top 10 Films Thus Far

I thought that it might be fun to do a list of my top ten films as of now. Perhaps, when I’m 50 and remember writing a stupid movie review blog I can look back and laugh at my ridiculously poor taste in film back then. 3,666 more words


A collection of snippets scribbled in my notebook that I meant to turn into a story but never did:

  • Its okay if you laugh but I believe in things like fate.

  • 118 more words

Jared Leto on heroin.

Okay so I’ve been incredibly good at updating this regularly… But the other day I was browsing Amazon looking for a film and decided I’d watch Requiem for a Dream because I’ve never gotten round to watching it. 298 more words