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Idea #2

In continuation to my ideas, here’s another one. WordPress can have a refresh option when you right-click on the graph that exists on the top bar. 58 more words


9001:2015 ISO Registration Requirements Favor Lean Organizations

The close resemblance of the new QMS standard to lean practices reveals that organizations that want to pass the 9001:2015 ISO registration requirements can look into building lean right into their QMS. 104 more words

What is Easter to you?

There are so many holidays… it is hard to decide which would be my favorite. I guess I have always said St. Patrick’s Day was my fav… Guinness, Corn Beef and Cabbage, and all things GREEN. 665 more words

For Birth Registration (Single)

For Birth Registration (Single)

  1. Original Birth Certificate of the Child
  2. If the Baby is using the father ‘s surname provide the Acknowledgement Letter / Affidavit from the father that he recognized the child with the stamp from the Court.
  3. 65 more words


“Your dad’s wasted his money.” came the solemn assessment from my uncle as he handed the package back to me.

His reaction puzzled me because dad was obviously very happy with his purchase. 417 more words


The Road to Nationals

We’re almost to Summer, which means 4th of July isn’t far away, which ALSO means that Pokemon Nationals are coming!  This 4th of July weekend, while the average person may be watching fireworks, barbequing, or going on vacation, Pokemon trainers will have the chance to battle it out and compete for a national title in both the video game and card game. 572 more words

Quality Stages in Definition of Done

Yesterday at work I was in a meeting with my team to redefine our definition of “Done”. During this meeting one of them pointed out that every level in the definition of done should include a quality gate/stage where QA Engineer’s can play some role if not the main role. 537 more words

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