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My Post Count Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements, What Does This Mean?

I am trying to post a thread to PTSD Relationships but keep getting an error message saying that it does not meet minimum requirements and that “Email” addresses not allowed. 26 more words

Hidden Features, Lost Value

Refactoring improves both code readability and maintainability – this is true of your conversations too.

Not only are large scenarios with multiple clauses harder to read (and therefore harder to understand), but you’re likely hiding additional features within one big complex one. 396 more words


Documentation of results from audience research (questionnaires)

In order to fit the brief of developing a regional magazine, I had to ensure that my audience research was carried out thoroughly; I developed a 10 part questionnaire featuring a range of questions in order to gather some general information as to which magazine’s are specifically purchased by my target audience, alongside the effect it may have on their style and indeed their general lifestyle (i.e. 652 more words

Scrum - Part I

What is Scrum ?
Scrum, in the world of Information Technology is a Framework set up to manage various complex large projects. scrum process in a project evolves through empirically and by adapting to various hurdles that come along the way of the project. 318 more words


Fun Ideas - Natural Tresses - * Audience Participation from All Continents *

Hello My Dears, Divas & Darlings, Today is a very exciting day for us all because everyone no matter where you are can participate. Was thinking of something fun which all girls could do and you all know my love for photos right!! 371 more words

Natural Hair