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Staring Myself Down

I was on the elevator heading up to my office on the first day of a new job. “What does the month look like for you?” a fellow passenger asked another, unaware of me. 1,240 more words

Universities Across Oceans Sharing One Mission

There are many things to look forward to when preparing for our embedded trip to Ghana, but one of them surely is the connections that will be made with two universities in the country which have strong arts and cultural programs. 366 more words


The Limits of Specifications

Most descriptions of software development processes begin with the idea that you have some notion of what you want to build. The degree of specificity varies. 543 more words


Requirements & Expectations for the Creative Presentation

Individual students will:

  • Equally & fairly participate in the creation of presentation. Presentation must be something that everyone can work on or contribute to.
  • Fairly & equally decide who will speak during the presentation.
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Requirements & Expectations for the Conference Paper

For this course, you & three team mates will be conducting an investigation into the question, “why study women’s literature?” This investigation is a creative research project culminating in a co-authored conference paper & creative presentation. 286 more words


Requirements & Expectations for the Why Read Project Blog

Individual students will:

  • Keep up with course readings.
  • Participate in research as decided by the team.
  • Contribute a minimum of 15 written (2+ paragraphs long) blog entries regarding research.
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Dissapointments. (I.guess.)

Today seems to be a bit of a dissapointing day. I’ve been trying to start working on changes in my life again. I need something to do, instead of sitting in a room in a house that is not mine, where I have to adjust all the time , and where I’m slowly spending my savings because I have no income.This would be a better year for me, I kind of promised myself; better than the last few years who haven’t been too nice. 406 more words

Stories Of The Soul