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The Plan #2

Driver’s licence

I bought my car, a Volvo, in FULL!!! And I have 16 more hours to complete until I can get my driver’s licence. I am quite excited. 162 more words


April 23, 2014 – The Biggest Story Never Reported…

Something so big happened yesterday morning.  It was a HUGE Supreme Court decision.  Yet, if you scoured the blogs, the web sites, the news sites, the cable stations and the main stream media you would be hard pressed to find it reported ANYWHERE!  254 more words


Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgeon

Duties and Responsibilities:

An ENT undergoes specialized training to diagnose and treat problems of the ear, nose and throat. Our experienced team consists of: 176 more words

Passport Renewal

Every 3 months The Philippine Embassy of Athens have a renewal of Passport in Nicosia Cyprus
Call the Philippine Consulate of Cyprus. for Appointment System and other information or Visit… 22 more words


Food requirements

This is the stock we are most low of:

  • tins of red beans
  • tins of minced beef
  • coffee
  • tins of hot dogs
  • tins of green beans…
  • 29 more words

Clinical Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

Clinical managers, a type of medical and health services manager, work as managers in both administrative and medical capacities to ensure that the establishment for which they work runs smoothly. 174 more words

Idea #2

In continuation to my ideas, here’s another one. WordPress can have a refresh option when you right-click on the graph that exists on the top bar. 58 more words