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Beauty From Pain

I promised at the beginning that I would keep this family friendly.  That will remain the case, and I have purposely kept things as l light as possible, and that shall remain the case. 881 more words

Fire Career

Visiting The Dublin Pet Fair

Fall is coming a bit too fast and a bit too cold. The summer was great for us since there were constantly dog friendly events to go to, but as the weather gets colder, the less people want to go out with their pets. 280 more words

Mako's Modern Life

Dear Landlords

I know, I know, I’ve been there, done that. This is my space, deal with it.

Finding an apartment is a miserable, hateful, awful, disgusting, intolerable, nerve wracking, expensive, time consuming, nail biting kind of a thing. 847 more words


Monday Hugs and Kisses

There are some days when we all need a good hug…or two…or…

A good grooming session doesn’t hurt either…


Blood in the Water

People started fanning out. There had been six adults and six kids, including Jory. The rest of the kids huddled close and swam down toward the reef. 429 more words