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Independent Research - Class 01


  • Wednesday, August 27th


  • Review of class connectivity (Remind, Dropbox, Schoology)
  • What makes a project suitable for experimentation?
  • Sharing ideas within the group

Key Ideas – Great Projects… 63 more words


Naming Theories

A key limitation in the existing literature (whether Arab literature or the world literature) is that theories are named after their founder. Naming a theory after its founder is a problem, considering that directing any criticism to a theory that carries the name of a particular can appear to be as if the criticism is directed to the figure himself or herself. 27 more words


Helga Refsum

Since 2004, Dr. Refsum has excelled in her position as professor with the University of Oslo. She utilizes her expertise in nutrition, science, clinical research and molecular biology to teach undergraduate students, and supervise master’s and Ph.D. 110 more words


Polyamory activism day: London, England. 2015-01-23

Save the date: 11-4. Friday 23rd January 2015. Open University Camden, London, England (map: http://www3.open.ac.uk/contact/maps.aspx?contactid=1)

There have been various projects connected with open non-monogamy in UK in the last few decades: Polyday, OpenCon, a retreat weekend, some books, zines, newsletters, email lists, social media groups, meetups, fora, websites etc. 230 more words


Your type of snack?


One of the things I’ll be talking about in the Type Tasting talk at the London Design Festival is what typefaces taste like. I’ve created three new surveys as the background to one of the demonstrations I have in store, and I’d really like your input. 54 more words

Type Tasting