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Students Present at Regional and National Meetings

This spring has been a busy one for several of our lab’s research fellows. All four of this past summer’s undergraduate researchers (Melissa Blackburn, Andrew Chapman, Maddison Couch, and Jack Wayland) traveled to Lexington, KY in early April to present at the… 79 more words

Over-analyzing data?

I’m (still) analyzing data from the experiment I ran last month. Why? Because every time I meet with my supervisor, he ends up deciding that we should also try x. 350 more words


Science Learning+: New Funding Scheme to Focus on Informal Learning

The Wellcome Trust has launched Science Learning+ to support collaborations between researchers and practitioners of informal learning. This new scheme will provide £9 million of funding to help us better understand the value and impact of science learning outside the classroom. 857 more words

Public Engagement

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A welcome to Wellcome and informal learning about science

Science Tools Anyone Can Afford - By JOHN MARKOFF APRIL 21, 2014

Manu Prakash with his mother, center, in India, where it was not long before he began showing an appetite for science.

STANFORD, CALIF. — Manu Prakash keeps a map on his bedroom wall that imagines what the world would look like if it were configured according to the scientific research that each region produces. 416 more words


Medical Research and Palliative Care

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By Blyth and Kerri

 We are both moms who have parented and loved children who have died from pediatric illness. 1,096 more words

Using Ancestry.com's "New Search"

Periodically, comments will be posted on one mailing list or another, or some blog or another, by an experienced genealogist, in which they express trouble with Ancestry.com’s “New Search” and try desperately to get back to the “Old Search.” 530 more words

Online Genealogy

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Michael Hait is a well known, well respected Certified Genealogist (CG) who has appeared on many popular programs including "Who Do You Think You Are." His post, I felt was so well written, that rather than rewriting the obvious, I'd reblog his post. I couldn't agree with him more. I've been using "New Search" at Ancestry.com since it broke out about 2 or 3 years ago. I have no problem with it at all. The latest tweaks simply make it better in my opinion. See what Michael has to say and the comments that should come along with the post.  

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