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#atozchallenge - U is for Ubume, mourning her loss

Could you carry her poor child, just for a moment?

You might get a nasty surprise …

In Japanese folklore, the Ubume was the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. 116 more words


Ravens Understand The Relationships Among Other Ravens

Like many social mammals, ravens form different types of social relationships – they may be friends, kin, or partners and they also form strict dominance relations. 413 more words


Coming back to reality on fat

There’s been a lot in the news lately about fat, and a lot of it has been contrary to standard beliefs. Our government, organizations such as the American Heart Association, and our medical professionals have drummed into all of our heads that: 620 more words


Site inspiration

This is our Cook Islands Tourism website and its gorgeous :)

I want to make a site similar to this. I’ll probably change the style of the tabs menu, make it more circular than square. 18 more words

Brief Two

WA offenders turn to mental health services | Science Network WA

ADULT criminal offenders in Western Australian are eight times more likely than non-offenders to use community-based mental health services in the year before their first sentence, a UWA study has found. 182 more words

Western Australia

Which direction is your future?

By Marie Rogers

There are thousands of different languages spoken in the world today. Each one has a unique way of expressing thoughts through sounds. But does the language you speak affect the way you think?


Flawed assumption #1: one avatar = one human

Virtual worlds and MMORPGs can seem like great sites to do research, especially in the social sciences. No airfare or anti-malarials required!  However, just like any field site, a researcher who hasn’t done some groundwork ahead of time could waste time and piss off a lot of people before getting down to any meaningful study. 620 more words

Second Life