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Literacy Project: Interim Report

With the official published report not due till November it is heartening to see that the Literacy Project is, nevertheless, showing positive signs of achievement. 363 more words


Greenland 2014: Preparation

Preparing for a 20 day research cruise is hard. It’s physically taxing to load a ship, it’s mentally and emotionally taxing to consider 20 days without your family and friends, and it can be fun. 652 more words


10 great places where beer meets the church

1. Christ Church, Southwark

Beer and the church are not such strange bedfellows as you might think. Christ Church (1960, architect R. Paxton Watson) in Southwark houses a set of windows depicting local trades, including the hop industry. 895 more words


Det store bildet

MEDIEVANER Tv, nettaviser, papiraviser og søkemotorer er fremdeles viktigere enn sosiale medier for folks nyhetsvaner.

(Article for the Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet about an extensive media usage study presented in an article by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen og Kim Christian Schrøder) 602 more words

Social Media

An Introduction to Bone Mechanics: Part 1, Bone Structure

Many of the posts on this site will be related to my current research topics. As I am currently working on my doctoral thesis it is probably worth clarifying the topic I am working on and defining some of the jargon I will tend to use .My doctoral research focuses on how fatigue damage effects the fracture behaviour of bone. 495 more words


Mating for Life Part 4: Why are Animals Monogamous?

  • Why are animals monogamous?

As we’ve seen in previous posts (about birds, mammals and insects), monogamy is common in some parts of the animal kingdom and rare in others, but the way in which it is practised varies a great deal. 740 more words