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I found the book ‘Cubism’ by Guillaume Apollinaire in the University Center Library. It is accessible online as well if you login to your New School account. 240 more words


I know This Much is True

Science requires an engagement with the world, a live encounter between the knower and the known.
Parker J. Palmer

“How can one know anything about one’s fellow man, if not speaking to him?” Asks the researcher of his colleague in… 573 more words


Comportment for Damigellas: KAS Entry

Comportment Paper by Giata Alberti, XLIX

Purpose and Introduction

In this post I will discuss the comportment (manner of behaving) and deportment (manner of carriage) of a proper lady of the central and northern Italian City-States of the 15th Century, with emphasis on application to courtesies and duties of life in the current Middle Ages. 1,687 more words

Italian Studies

Kerslake Review Demographic Presentation

Sir Bob Kerslake (pictured) launched a call for evidence at the start of his independent review into the operation, culture and structure of corporate governance at Birmingham City Council.  115 more words

Information & Intelligence

Climate change and the curse of creative self-destruction

Daniel Nyberg and Christopher Wright

Published in Mercury Magazine 2014, Summer/Autumn (Special Issue on Sustainability), Issue 7-8, pp. 042-049. Artwork by Bojan Jevtić.

As any student of economic history knows, the notion of destruction has been a grim constant in attempts to characterize the relationship between capitalist dynamism and ever-spiralling consumption. 2,051 more words

Climate Change

Global Warming Elevates Odds of Extreme Weather, From Australia to California - By Andrew Freedman Sept 2014

Manmade global warming is causing up to a tenfold increase in the risk for prolonged and severe heat waves, and is influencing other extreme weather and climate events, a slew of new studies found. 509 more words