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Chun (formerly Raab) : Building Blocks and Taking Stock

In a recent experiment during Artscape, Mrs. Chun created a small work station with wooden blocks with various surface treatments for people passing by to play with by adding their own adornment or creating an arrangement. 35 more words


Lincoln suffered from PTSD?

Abe Lincoln was anything but normal in many ways, including behavior that demonstrated hyper-vigilance, suicidal thoughts, exposing himself to mortal dangers, extreme emotional swings, unexpected eruptions, etc. 150 more words

Lincoln's Diary

Fact or Factoid

A factoid is a little piece of truth, or a false statement that gets repeated often enough it becomes accepted as the whole truth.

I saw this on Twitter – … 733 more words


Rethinking how research is communicated: two cases from Cameroon

Research Uptake: Yes, Communication Really Does Matter

We generally tend to relegate communication to a classic triptych: if we have formulated a message, developed the tools to transmit the message, and reached the desired target, then we assume to have communicated. 1,250 more words

Think Tanks

Lessons from Peer Reviewing among Think Tanks

The peer review pilot was a space to learn about these processes; as with all exploratory tasks, I was left with many questions and also some ideas of things to do in the future. 1,553 more words

Think Tanks

Perspectives on the Peer Review Pilot

In the previous two posts by Horacio Vera and Patricia Ames in this series we have learned from the participants in the process what it meant for their personal and institutional capacities. 713 more words

Think Tanks