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Contexts, Constructs, & the Human Condition: Grounding Quantitative with Qualitative Research

As discussed elsewhere in this blog, there is a “new day” dawning for qualitative research; one that not only brings new life into its use but, along with it, an evolving enthusiasm for the idea… 251 more words

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Memo 1: Researcher Identity

I want to write about stress, anxiety, well-being, and job burnout among leaders.

Prior experiences

What prior experiences have you had that are relevant to your topic? 673 more words

Research Design

Qualitative Research Design

Hello to all you readers out there.

I’m now going to begin posting about Qualitative Research.  Previously this blog has been used for my “Leading Change” class, but I think it’s (ironically) time for a change.  Hope you enjoy!

Research Design

Participatory Lesson Study - Making the capture of data in Lesson Study more explicit

Whilst Learning Study makes explicit use of variation theory (Cheng and Lo, n.d.) as a basis for analysing and understanding the process of learning, Lesson Study can be vague in establishing a link between learning and methods of analysis. 834 more words


Invest in Ethics for your Research Proposal

Today’s post is a shout out to all those students submitting their research proposals to Ethics Committees.  Overwhelming I found, to my disappointment, that:

1) There are few actual examples of research proposals for Social, Health and Business students… 136 more words

Academic Literacies

Jeffrey B. Vancouver on Tests of Mediation

One of the fundamental empirical activities of scholars in psychology and management is the testing of mediational hypotheses. Nearly every study testing for mediation uses some variation of the statistical analysis approach popularized by Baron and Kenny (1986) and more recently refined by Preacher and Hayes (2004).

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Designing a complex curriculum-reflections on knowledge, understanding, concepts and skills

If we are to develop an emergentist curriculum, as suggested in the last post, we need to make room for the emergence of meaning within the seminar room. 1,327 more words