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What Is A Research Paper?

The following quotations about research papers are taken from books and articles about writing in college and university.

 Research papers can take two forms: factual, objective surveys of all the literature available on a topic, or interpretive analyses of selected evidence arrayed to support the writer’s viewpoint and ideas. 1,046 more words

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In What Ways do Video Games Build Themselves Around People’s Desires and Fears?

In what ways do games build themselves around people’s desires and fears? Illustrate how the feeling of betrayal has been echoed in the medium of digital games. 2,784 more words


How do People use Gardening as a Form of Compensation?

How do people use gardening as a form of compensation? What are they compensating for?

For many of us, the idea of gardening conjures up images of elderly couples blissfully pruning fruit trees, stay-at-home mothers finding solace in their treasured rose gardens, and proud suburban-dwellers fastidiously tending to their marvellously manicured lawns and intricate topiaries. 1,714 more words


In What Ways do Different Mediums of Journalism Portray Homosexuality

In what ways do different mediums of journalism portray homosexuality and homosexual individuals?

It is commonly believed that the aim of journalism is to serve the public. 4,944 more words


Why Do People Partake in Dark Tourism? What Draws People to Sites of Death and Loss?

Why do people partake in dark tourism? What draws people to sites of death and loss?

On August 23rd 1930 the captain of luxury ocean liner—SS Morrow Castle suffered a heart attack in his bed and died en route. 2,404 more words