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In a paper published this year, the Entomological Society of New Zealand identify the effects of pesticides and pathogens on honey bees as a “critical issue facing New Zealand entomology” 1,696 more words

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Friend or foe? The controversial status of native predators in New Zealand restoration projects using the weka (Gallirallus australis) as a case study species

The catastrophic impact of introduced predators on New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna is a well-documented and clearly defined issue (King, 1984; O’Donnell, 1996; Holdaway, 1999). 2,160 more words

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Transboundary Protected Areas: Making Peace With Nature - Melanie C. Berger

“ think beyond our boundaries, beyond ethnic and religious grounds and beyond nations in our global quest for a just world that values and conserves nature.”

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The role of people in conservation science - Charlie Hopkins

The role of “people” in conservation science
Charlie Hopkins

People are the leading cause and the solution for conservation. People are also a threat to conservation, the driving force behind conservation, victims of conservation efforts but also benefactors of conservation ( 1,982 more words

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Station Management Research Essay

In a word, station management is the day to day running of radio stations[1], what this entails can vary massively in terms of responsibilities between organisations and even from station to station. 3,108 more words

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My Reseach Essay

My project deals with race and gender and how they relate to politics. Many different factors affect politics but I feel with the fairly recent election of Barack Obama and the running of Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, race and gender are being talked about a lot. 239 more words

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            This week in class we went into detail about what makes a good research paper. A better research essay can now be constructed for my theme of education and it’s impact on society. 267 more words