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From the archives--Dunn and Milloy on junk EPA research and researcher whores, 2012

Well we found out from EPA officials when we were litigating the question of unethical human exposure experiments in a Virginia Federal Court 2 years ago, that 10 US medical schools were doing human exposure experiments with air pollutants. 3,342 more words


TESOL Research Agenda 2014

TESOL International recently published their 2014 research agenda, a document that aims to summarise salient theoretical developments and gaps in the profession’s collective knowledge, and provide guidance for new research projects. 707 more words


Is informed consent an ethical imperative in medical research?

There is remarkable nuance and delicacy in the relationship between medical research subjects’ rights to autonomy and humane treatment, and medical researchers’ need for efficiency and protection against malpractice lawsuits. 2,185 more words

Clinical Research

Invest in Ethics for your Research Proposal

Today’s post is a shout out to all those students submitting their research proposals to Ethics Committees.  Overwhelming I found, to my disappointment, that:

1) There are few actual examples of research proposals for Social, Health and Business students… 136 more words

Academic Literacies

Special Issue on Research Ethics

The Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education is not a likely source of content for this blog, but their 2014 Special Issue (Vol. 15, Issue 2) is particularly interesting, due to its focus on research ethics. 235 more words


Research Ethics

Research Ethics: library tour, find own sources, power points about integration MLA format

Research Ethics