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Ebola: An Emergency within an Emergency

Alison Thompson suggests that the Ebola outbreak is part of a larger emergency defined by a lack of public health infrastructure.
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Clinical Ethics

Ebola Pandemonium: Urging Cautious Approaches in Desperate Contexts

Lisa Schwartz describes the necessary conditions for the ethical provision of experimental Ebola drugs and vaccines. 852 more words

Law & Policy

Respecting our sources, protecting our discipline

In this guest post from one of our board members, Associate Editor Felicity Matthews discusses the importance of ethical responsibilities to our sources, and offers advice for researchers trying to navigate these tricky waters. 959 more words


Data: collecting, gathering or generating?

I’m thinking about data again – mostly because I am still in the process of collecting/gathering/generating it for my postdoctoral research. I had a conversation with a colleague at a conference I went to recently who talks about ‘generating’ his data – colleagues of mine in my PhD group use this term too – but the default term I use when I am not thinking about it is still ‘collecting’ data. 807 more words

Data Gathering

Ebola's History, 6: Kikwit, 1995

In 1995 a major outbreak hit a major urban area for the first time. Kikwit is a large town of several hundred thousand residents in what is now central DRC, and despite two hospitals utilizing somewhat better sanitation practices than those used in 1976, the virus passed quickly from person to person, infecting 315 and killing 254. 964 more words

Talking Sense about MOOCs and Online Education: the New Post-Hype Era

At this year’s CRA Snowbird conference (the every-other-year gathering of chairs of CS departments), I organized two panels on MOOCs and online education. While I’m told that Snowbird 2012 was dominated by hyperbole about MOOCs, our discussion this year was eminently sensible. 494 more words


Thinking about research ethics

I didn’t get much (well, any) training in the ethics of research during my formal studies, apart from the documents that came along with my first ethics application. 138 more words