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Should we do research in difficult environments?

 by Maaike Matelski / Reading Time: 6 Minutes /

Social scientists are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of ethical research standards. However, it is not always clear whose guidelines we should adhere to and which types of research should or should not be allowed. 1,160 more words


Ebola is bad folks

I’m writing about Ebola again, because I think it is important that we keep it at the forefront of our collective consciousness. It is certainly not a sexy thing to be writing about and in my opinion we have allowed more frivolous matters to take precedent (e.g. 293 more words

Ebola Virus

The End’s Justify the Means? A few thoughts on deception in research.

After reading an article by the WSJ that came across my LinkedIn newsfeed (http://online.wsj.com/articles/the-role-of-deception-in-scientific-research-1409009297#livefyre-comment) I started thinking about deception in research.

Can deception ever be ethically justified in research? 174 more words

Research Ethics

Ethics and Orang Asal

At BRAINetwork, we strongly believe that research with and about Orang Asal must be founded on a process of meaningful engagement and reciprocity between the researcher and the Orang Asal. 214 more words

Research Ethics

Plagiarism: what is it and what makes it wrong?

Science is an advanced collective enterprise. Even the most original researcher inevitably builds on the achievements of other researchers. They deserve credit, and transparency facilitates research and makes it possible to scrutinize the original work. 331 more words

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Ebola: An Emergency within an Emergency

Alison Thompson suggests that the Ebola outbreak is part of a larger emergency defined by a lack of public health infrastructure.
955 more words

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Ebola Pandemonium: Urging Cautious Approaches in Desperate Contexts

Lisa Schwartz describes the necessary conditions for the ethical provision of experimental Ebola drugs and vaccines. 852 more words

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