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Special Issue on Research Ethics

The Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education is not a likely source of content for this blog, but their 2014 Special Issue (Vol. 15, Issue 2) is particularly interesting, due to its focus on research ethics. 235 more words


Research Ethics

Research Ethics: library tour, find own sources, power points about integration MLA format

Research Ethics

Research That Matters, Testing That Counts

How many students would vote to have more tests in their classes?  It’s hard to imagine that adding more tests would increase instructor popularity, but new research indicates that when testing is done in the right way, it can increase knowledge and be easy to swallow.  175 more words

Chapter 1

Learning ethics online

As you read this, PhD students, researchers and professionals from Egypt, Singapore, Germany, Italy and Sweden are busy discussing publication ethics online. Next week the topic is situations where research results can be used to harm. 578 more words

Research Ethics

note to self: there are only the questions of the times.

There’s an item on my post-grad to-do list that I am eager to get to. In the meanwhile it keeps coming to me. It distracts me and I have to keep pushing it aside. 322 more words

The Henrietta Lacks legacy grows

EMBO Reports 14 (10) September 2013;  DOI 10.1038/embor.2013.148

On 7 August 2013, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that it had reached an agreement with the descendants of Henrietta Lacks concerning NIH‐funded uses of the HeLa cell line [ 28 more words

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