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The Fatal Flip: How Nerve Cells go from Healthy to Cancerous

Every gene in the human genome has a job to do. One such gene, called Merlin, prevents cells from dividing out of control and forming into tumors. 355 more words


A Glimpse Inside the Cellular Universe: Scientists Track the Growth of an Organism, One Cell at a Time

Trying to keep tabs on how an organism grows from a single fertilized egg into an embryo, cell by cell, is hard work. So hard in fact, that no one’s quite figured out how to do it. 743 more words


What was Old is New Again: Scientists Transplant Brain Cells into Aged Mice and Reverse Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s disease starts with small, almost imperceptible steps. And then it builds. Sometimes slowly over a period of decades, other times more quickly—in just a matter of years. 565 more words


"Wild writing" or "Global Common Room"? 6 perspectives on academic blogging

Many academics have taken up blogging with enthusiasm as a way of sharing and promoting their research online or as a more reflective way of working. 313 more words

Research News

New working paper: Brazilian foreign policy and international human rights promotion - existing tensions and future prospects

From before the World Cup….

Abstract below, full paper here.

Brazilian foreign policy and international human rights promotion: existing tensions and future prospects

Brazil is important for the present and future development of international human rights. 462 more words

Human Rights

Stem Cells become Tool to Screen for Drugs; Fight Dangerous Heart Infections.

A Stanford study adds a powerful example to our growing list of diseases that have yielded their secrets to iPS-type stem cells grown in a dish. 301 more words


Reflecting on Genomes to / aux Biomes 2014

A few weeks ago I was given the chance to attend Genomes to / aux Biomes 2014, an evolution and ecology conference held in Montreal. 30 more words