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Keep Calm & Manage Your Anger

1st Post. Marah itu tidak baik, ada yang secara internal memiliki sifat pemarah, namun ada juga amarah yang disebabkan oleh pihak di luar diri kita seperti orang-orang di sekitar kita. 236 more words


Using stem cells paves new approach to treating a blistering skin disease

Imagine a child not being able to run or jump or just roll around, for fear that any movement could strip away their skin and leave them with open, painful wounds. 619 more words

Research News

Speak Friend and Enter: How Cells Let the Right Travelers through their Doors

For decades, it’s been a molecular mystery that scientists were seemingly unable to solve: how do large molecules pass through the cell and into the nucleus, while others half their size remain stranded outside? 481 more words


Findings of Research Misconduct

Hat trick from ORI … (the first serving as a reminder why ORI is outside of the NIH)

Notice is hereby given that ORI has taken final action in the following case: 2,297 more words

Research News

Shape-Shifting Cells Drive Bone Healing; Point to New Method of Correcting Bone Deformities

There’s a time to grow and a time to heal—and the cells that make up our bone and cartilage have impeccable timing. During childhood and adolescence, these cells work to grow the bones longer and stronger. 314 more words


The Benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance and What They Mean for Long-Term Care Financing

Key Points

* A 60-year-old would have to put aside $1,666 a month over 22 years to pay for the same amount of services that would otherwise be covered by long-term care insurance with a monthly premium of $188. 81 more words

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