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New essay in "Shifting Power and Human Rights Diplomacy - Brazil", published by Amnesty International

Rising power Brazil and human rights diplomacy

From: https://www.amnesty.nl/RisingPowerBrazil

“Economic and political power is shifting from the West to the Global South and East. Yet practitioners and academics working on international human rights seem to only occasionally pay attention to the emerging powers outside the West and the consequences of their rise for world order. 188 more words

Human Rights

Key stem cell gene controlled from afar, Canadian scientists discover

Embryonic stem cells can, by definition, mature into any cell type in the body. They are able to maintain this state of so-called pluripotency with the help of a gene called Sox2. 405 more words


A time to kill, a time to heal: cells linked to aging also help heal wounds

Senescent cells, so called because of the role they play in the aging process, have acquired a bit of a bad reputation.

Yet new research from the Buck Institute suggests that these cells may not be so bad after all. 317 more words


REED Pre-Publication Collection

Records of Early English Drama would like to announce a new outlet for its work, The Records of Early English Drama Pre-Publication Collections website, at… 267 more words

Research News

Finding the Sweet Spot: shifting metabolism keeps stem cells in suspended animation

The future is bright for a stem cell: it has the potential to become almost anything. This potential is one of its two defining characteristics. The second is that it can create copies of itself over and over again. 749 more words


Stem Cell Stories that Caught our Eye: Stem Cell Summit Roundup, Spinal Cords in a Dish and Stem Cell Tourism in the NFL

Here are some stem cell stories that caught our eye this past week. Some are groundbreaking science, others are of personal interest to us, and still others are just fun. 595 more words


At World Stem Cell Summit improvements in the precision with which we can edit our genes grabs spotlight

Just a day and a half into this year’s World Stem Cell Summit in San Antonio and there have been numerous highlights. But a pair of sessions on gene editing grabbed the attention of many of the scientists at the meeting. 542 more words