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Summary of the Road Trip Week. Pt. 1: Colby College

The past week and a half have brought with them some intriguing visits to a variety of different schools. Having traveled to Colby, Bowdoin, and Williams colleges I was able to catch a glimpse of each school garden program’s unique personality. 527 more words

Research Posts

Gardening is a Problem-Rich environment for Problem-Based learning.

College Visits and Volunteer Work: A Summary of the Second and Third Weeks

So it is now the latter portion of the third week of my research project. The past week or so I have had no difficulty keeping myself busy. 654 more words

Proposal Motifs and the Success of Other Schools' Initiatives.

To complement the previous post I submitted, I would like to provide a comprehensive list of items that I noticed recur throughout various college and university’s proposals for their gardens/farms. 145 more words

The Wisdom of Others

The past couple of days have brought with them some important breakthroughs in the project. These have come from a variety of different people and sources. 484 more words

First Week Summary

It has officially been one week since the Mellon program started. I think that a good deal of progress has been made towards collecting necessary information, working to answer our main questions, and setting up crucial meetings. 301 more words