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Find & Evaluate Credible Sources of Information

WEEK #5: Research Project                                                     

Find & Evaluate Credible Sources of Information                                                                  

A couple weeks ago, you submitted your research topic, and during the time, it’s been approved through consultations with your teacher. 429 more words

Research Project


Wednesday October 29th will be the Research Project Part 2 progress review. Every team needs to submit a digital draft (D2L Dropbox) and an analog version of their project. 190 more words

Research Project

Research Project #2

This seems to be the perfect time for the second post of this series. :-)


I suppose all of you did your homework, so AdS/CFT correspondence rings a bell, you know that supersymmetric Yang-Mills is not on the lunch menu of a Thai restaurant (I think so at least) and you remember that we can map quantities in conformal field theories to the framework of a gravitating theory on anti de-Sitter spaces. 1,083 more words


Nightscout Project - Getting Started

Yesterday, I have installed the Node software and ran the Nightscout Github file through my Macbook terminal to access the source code. So far, I’m starting to take a look at the different files of the CGM Remote Monitor, Android Uploader, and other key components of the project. 41 more words

Research Project


I will follow up last week’s Adaptive Component Demo with a brief Revit massing demo. We will use the second half of class to work on your research projects. 7 more words

Research Project