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I will follow up last week’s Adaptive Component Demo with a brief Revit massing demo. We will use the second half of class to work on your research projects. 7 more words

Research Project


There is no reading response due next Wednesday. Each team needs to send me the facade component system you are studying before the start of class on Wednesday. 74 more words

Research Project

A Wellcome Trust Report on informal science learning in the UK

I’m currently reading a report for my research project which is quite well focused on the field I was planning to write up research on. The Wellcome Trust, a big UK charity that funds global sciency stuff, particularly human and animal health. 1,121 more words

Resource Review

Idea the Research Project : A History of Montage

My idea is simple. I will be about the history of montage. It will be researched with Books , YouTube Video’s and Magazine’s. It will be looking at the start and the history of the way of montage was invented and change over the course of the film making history. 31 more words

Research Project


Action, Intervention and Daily Deployment –

A research project on protest practices and their visual representation

‘We are not protesting what we don’t want, we are performing what we want.’ 371 more words

Body Image and Eating Concerns in the Dance Industry

I was recently sitting over a heaping pile of pasta speaking to my boyfriend about the dance industry. He was asking me to explain more about the pressure to be extremely skinny. 351 more words