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Embodied learning & its productive limitations

It’s funny, we talk about limitations as if they were a bad thing. As if eternity and infinity and boundlessness was superior to now and today and here. 1,531 more words

Academic Writing

What is reflective learning?

I was just reading this article, and it finally crystalised why I find so much discussion about reflective learning so baffling. This is not what I do. 983 more words

Research Skills

5 Academic Skills Middle School and High Schools Students Should be Practicing for College (Part 2) - The 2 R's

In a previous post we discussed Study Skills as one of the five skills crucial for college preparedness and success.  Today we have the 2 R’s – Research and Reading… 800 more words


The ABC's of Info Lit

I am working on a number of projects at work now, one of which is an information literacy programme. I recently proposed a framework and scheme of work to management and am developing the material now. 433 more words

Ask a question

I’ve been loathe in the past to talk too much about what I do on an everyday basis in my job.

This is because I’d been made wary by certain (rare, it must be said) attitudes towards sharing information about internal processes for research development and researcher support. 816 more words

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"Reasonably exhaustive" research as a process of elimination

One of the most difficult concepts to grasp, when we strive to meet the Genealogical Proof Standard, is the “reasonably exhaustive search.” This requirement demands that we conduct thorough research, scouring every possible source of relevant information touching upon our research question. 998 more words

Research Skills