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我的定性研究中可導致偏見的因素? / 我如何使用焦點小組在我的定性研究數據收集策略? (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 10/25/2014

*我的定性研究中可導致偏見的因素?(PART A)
*我如何使用焦點小組在我的定性研究數據收集策略?(PART C)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (279) Fixing grammar mistakes on academic essays
*代名詞必須清楚的使用 (明白寫作) 英文編修訓練 (6/12) 320 more words

IBM Research Artificial Intelligence David Ferrucci

David Ferrucci, IBM Fellow and principal investigator on the IBM Watson Project, discussed what is on the horizon for the fields of artificial intelligence a…
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"Statistics is a like a bikini bathing suit, what it reveals is interesting, but what is conceals is essential."

-Dr. Malcolm Gordon

Quote of the day on my students’ blog! Check out their adventures as they do their research projects out at Catalina: MBQ 2014.


YOUR VOTE: 3 tools to help you make an informed decision

Do you know who are you are going to vote for? I’m not talking about your vote for contestants on American Idol, The Voice or Do You Think You Can Dance. 282 more words


Media Consumption Experiences of Southeast Asian Chinese Migrants in Australia

This is a summary of my research project “Media Consumption Experiences of Southeast Asian Chinese Migrants in Australia” under the supervision of Dr. Lewis Mayo… 1,583 more words


keep moving!

It is morning somewhere! After almost two weeks in Hong Kong, I am heading back to Aarhus. During the next weeks, I will be focus on em:toolkit workshop and the performance+lecture at Media Biennale of Architecture in Aarhus. Stay Tuned!


OPINION: Bloated DIY Ideal Leads to Downward Trend

I read a couple of articles today that disturbed me on the downward trend of DIY. A large retailer in the UK just announced a store closure and big layoffs. 436 more words