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Traumatic and Post Traumatic Stress -- Online Support Groups

It’s incredible. When I researched resources for Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, there weren’t many.

An embarrassing shortage, considering the magnitude of need. 899 more words


Brains Anti-Distraction System Found

So once my Grandmother… oh wait sorry, I was distracted while typing. As it turns out I’m not the only one. But there is hope, two Psychologists at Simon Fraser University discovered an active suppression mechanism to help you focus on what you want and avoid being distracted by irrelevant background information.  400 more words


MH370 Tragedy: We need more funding in ocean research and exploration


We are continuing to sit and wait for the day and moment that we hear the news that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is found. This is a terrible tragedy that has devastated so many people and families who have lost loved ones. 419 more words

VOTING DAY Guide of Do's and Dont's FOR Everyone!

VOTING DAY Guide of Do’s and Dont’s FOR Everyone :

A) Voter ID confusion

1) If your name is in electoral list & you have not got voter ID – Goood news, CAN VOTE. 743 more words


R is for...Research

I wasn’t sure up until about two minutes ago what the R post was going to be about. If you’ve been with me for the entire journey so far on this A-Z blog challenge, you will know from my A post that I started the challenge on a whim with no forethought whatsoever and I chose the theme to tie in with this whole blog which did originally start as a trip through my WIP. 1,132 more words


Leverage Your Design Technology

“Nobody will ever need more than 64k of memory (Bill Gates’ in 1981),” this sentence is known as one of the most over quoted lines in the history of technology. 422 more words