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In Joseph Campbell’s book A Hero With a Thousand Faces  he discusses how mythology from many nations all have a common theme, the hero’s journey, and how we as a society can take from all of these myths and apply them to our own lives.   197 more words


Jazz musicians are more creative than classical musicians (research)

A new study compared the personality and creativity of classical, jazz, and folk musicians. As Jazz musicians are more into improvisation, it’s not that surprising that they deemed more creative than classical musicians.  360 more words


Africa RISING Ethiopia researchers trained on IFPRI project monitoring and mapping tool

This week, IFPRI and Africa RISING/ILRI organized a one day training for Africa RISING Ethiopia researchers on a Project Monitoring and Mapping Tool (PMMT).

The PMMT is intended to help project monitoring efforts within the Africa RISING Program. 133 more words


Kulintang Major: My Own Side of Story

Hello, there. A couple years ago, I opened a space here in lieu of my Music Literature class. Now, I’m re-opening a space dedicated specially on my studies in Asian Music. 932 more words


Russia day 3 - the tool kit & Kremlin

We had a slightly different day yesterday in that we spent half the day developing our Museums Toolkit to help us better cater for Russian tourists. 272 more words

Curator's Diary

Work Shop

On September 25, 2014, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the opening of artists Whenhau Shi’s exhibit, Night Song at the Llewellyn Gallery. Shi was actually one of the first modern artists to take an interest in time-based artwork. 368 more words


Dr. Christopher Fitchner on treating PTSD with cannabis (Video)

Dr. Christopher Fitchner is the former Mental Health Director for the state of Illinois. He sat down with Cannabis Planet to discuss post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how cannabis can be an effective treatment.