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What is Anthropology?

By Owen Jarus

Anthropology is the study of humans, early hominids and primates, such as chimpanzees.

Anthropologists study human language, culture, societies, biological and material remains, the biology and behavior of primates, and even our own buying habits. 1,324 more words


Day 30: What would you do? #107days

Day 30 was adopted by Andreas Dimopolous, who managed to combine research, human rights and art history. This is what he had to say: 344 more words

Genre research

Our short film ‘frame’ has a romance based story.

Our ending of the film is ambiguous which is slightly unusual for a romance based genre film as the audience seek for an happy ending with a clear closure, but with out short film we left the ending ambigious with obvious trails (with the way the main protagonist was behaving/acting) of what could happen next. 443 more words

James Dean 1953

James Dean was a Hollywood icon. Today’s post features the actor in his private quarters.

Excellent photographers have a knack for incising specimens and peeling back their enigmatic skins, and there are few enigmas more beloved than Hollywood icon James Dean, whose disillusioned persona and untimely death only enhanced his quiet magnetism.

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Breif 2 Research #2

In terms of my colour scheme, I have seen a recurring theme of pink, purple and more pink, which I find very annoying and overdone. 281 more words


The Poverty of Severe ME + Other Articles

The Poverty of Severe ME – Greg Crowhurst

The poverty entered into here is a stark and complete poverty.

It is a poverty on all levels: poverty of wealth – unable to earn money you rely on benefits which are not easily gained, or easily kept , neither do they provide for more than the minimum of life. 748 more words


Keyword Research Tools for Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Had a great coaching call this morning with our friend Mary Beth, and she was stuck on an issue that we have not covered before. Since it was related to some of the keyword research stuff that we’re already talking about, I thought I would just punch out a quick video to talk about it.