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David Jay: The Scar Project

David Jay is a photographer who conducted a series of portraits of women who had undergone mastectomies showing the scars left behind. I find this project really inspiring as I feel he raises a very three dimensional issue: raising the issue of scarring and where it stands within the societies ‘definition’ of beauty, as well as commenting on the role of female body within fashion and mainstream photography. 83 more words


A Conversation - Transcribing my letter into different languages and symbols

I wanted to see how letters looked when they were transcribed into different languages and symbols. Once I had transcribed one of my letters from the past, I changed the text and translated, to discover and display the different ways in which different communities and societies communicate. 37 more words


Destiny Soundtrack: Ishtar Sink: Research UNFINISHED

This soundtrack is from a highly critically acclaimed and beloved game of this decade; Destiny. Destiny was released recently and had a massive budget of $500 million dollars funded from the publisher Activision for the developer Bungie to create the game. 277 more words


Interviews ... and other games.

During the last seven days I have been to two interviews for two different companies. This entry focuses on interview one and how this lead to interview two being way more successful! 863 more words

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Title Analysis: The Full Monty (Peter Cattaneo, 1997)

The Title Sequence for The Full Monty begins with the production companies featuring in the centre of the screen. This is so they get recognition and focus is fully on them. 165 more words


Title Analysis: Bullet Boy (Saul Dibb, 2004)

The first frame of the title sequence is a black screen with the production company’s names fading in. This is conventional of a Social Realism film, which all tend to have white text. 172 more words


Women in the Alt Scene

Two articles surfaced the internet this week, one addressing the issue of sexism in the ‘aternative’ scene, which has some good and fair points but is slightly hypocritical and not necessarily supporting our fellow ladies choices to do what they wish with their own bodies: 35 more words