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About getting slapped in the face by culture shock

I’ve arrived in Bangladesh for my PhD fieldwork. 18 months of planning and reading precede this trip, but nothing can really prepare you. I had… 396 more words


The human-animal bond using functional MRI

It has become common for people who have pets to refer to themselves as  “pet parents,” but how closely does the relationship between people and their non-human companions mirror the parent-child relationship?  743 more words


Information Diet

Here is a further batch of things I had found interesting in the last little while. I hope you enjoy! If you have anything you think I’d find relevant, don’t be afraid to leave me a comment with a link! 52 more words


Verify, Verify, Verify, Verify - always verify information given to you especially if you see no sources

When I was a small boy – and that’s quite a while ago! – I remember begin scared by movies about genies . . .   – not the funny ones we later had on TV – but nasty dangerous genies that always seemed to be doing bad things!  334 more words


The leg is getting smaller!!

On Friday I went for my 18 month post Lymph Node Transfer surgery check up. I am part of a research program here in Sydney. I will have follow-up for at least two years so that the doctors here can make decisions on future LNT surgery. 442 more words

Living With Lymphoedema

Mobile Advertising Revenues Increase by 76 %

“Mobile’s continued rise speaks to consumers’ increasing reliance on smartphones and tablets, whether on-the-go or at home. And, digital video too is seeing gains that reflect a new ‘viewing’ paradigm that is taking place on interactive screens, big or small.” 834 more words

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