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New Study: Optimistic Spouses Make Happier, Healthier Marriages

(Becky, the Mama.)

Departing from recipes for yummy healthy food, I had to offer this recipe for nourishing relationships –especially after reading some fascinating research making the news today. 1,019 more words


This is to invite you to one of three events that we are holding to discuss how audiences respond to theatre.

Last year, we won a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to survey and interview audiences for nine shows at three theatres (the RSC, the Young Vic and the Drum in Plymouth), as part of a major project on cultural value. 254 more words

Member Event

Peer Review Debate VIDEO

On the 2nd April we hosted a debate called Peer Review is Broken, How Can We Fix It? After a brief talk from each of the panelists, the debate was opened up so that the audience could ask questions. 21 more words

Peer Review

Study: Legalizing Pot Does Not Increase Teen Use Of Drug

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Parents can rest easy: Legalizing marijuana does not result in an increase in adolescent use of the drug, a new study shows… 97 more words


Some attribution are so off-the-wall that you just have to wonder, "Why?"

Unfortunately, another listing for another “EX RARE” silhouette on ebay makes claims that are so far-fetched that no one with any understanding of attributions would make or believe them.  709 more words


A cochlear stimulator can help regrow auditory nerves

We recently reported on the great strides being made in treating life-changing paralysis with spinal implants, and as it happens there’s similar technology being trialed with cochlear implants & deafness. 164 more words