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Fight Club: Lighting

After watching the film Fight Club, I couldn’t help but notice the contrast in lighting which runs throughout the film.

Low key lighting is used throughout


Weight -Loss – Will They Ever Learn? |

Did you know … that new research is saying that the secret to shedding pounds easily – and keeping them off is to NOT cut out fats or carbohydrates? 46 more words


I already knew that we humans are woefully slow to see what’s happening in the natural world, but here comes scientific evidence that even without TV weathercasts, warblers foresee weather problems far better than some slow-moving bipeds. 49 more words


Chief Scientist Ian Chubb's draft list of eight research priorities

Sydney Morning Herald Nicky Phillips 22 December 2014

The country’s leaders, top business advisers and science experts have approved a draft list of eight research priorities that will focus research and development effort on specific areas where Australia has a need or competitive edge.

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That movie playing in your head while you read? It's a learned skill.

“One of the things Wilhelm noticed in his research is that kids who couldn’t visualize hadn’t been read to or couldn’t remember having picture books read to them.   476 more words


My initial knowledge on lighting is fairly limited, so I wanted to research further into the roles it has within filming. I planned to watch a few movie scenes where lighting plays a key function towards how the over all sequence is portrayed and look into the lighting techniques which were used to achieve that.