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Miss Juniper Fox

If you’re not wearing an inverted rooster held down by two foxes on your head, you’re not living 1777.

I have no idea what, beyond extreme hairstyles, this print is satirizing. 117 more words


Packaging Ideas


These are some different shaped nets I looked at before starting to make my packaging. This helped me to visualise how I could make my packaging and how it could go together.


Independant Films

Looking into independant entity is to look at the types of films that individual production companies make and see where they fare in comparison to the mainstream, big multi-millionaire film companies. 67 more words


Final Reflection

After many years of compiling high school portfolios for various subjects, it felt wrong that this particular Journalism assessment is nearing completion and I have not yet written a ‘Final Reflection’ of sorts. 1,090 more words


Food Fetishism

In my photo media module last year,my project, titled Fallic, Yonic and the Gastronomic, focused on food fetishism. (Images below). I will draw upon the abjection theory, as I used last year. 23 more words


Existing Pasta Packaging

When I received the brief my initial thoughts were to create packaging for pasta, so I did some research online to look at different kinds of pasta packaging.


Powers of Horror

‘Food loathing is perhaps the most elementary and most archaic form of abjection’.

‘Imaginary un-canniness and real threat, it beckons to us and ends up engulfing us’. 115 more words