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Let it Go

It’s okay to let yourself feel anger, resentment and even hurt for a moment but then stop, take a nice deep breath and let it all go. 25 more words


Dear atheist friend,

I call you friend because of all that you are. I love you, not solely because the God I serve that you don’t believe in tells me I must but because I know the power of love and how important it is to each and everyone of us. 770 more words


"Nobody Feels Sorry for Me"

I can think of only one person in the Bible who said something like that.  “… And there is none of you that is sorry for me….”  It was Saul, in I Samuel 22:8.   96 more words

Quick Thoughts

A look into my past part 10: Who's to blame?

Before I get into my experiences with holistic healing and how it has helped me, I thought it would be best to let you see my past of who I was. 2,174 more words


How Long Til I'm Healed?!!

Crazy, how painful even making some deviled eggs can be.

I had a hankering for some deviled eggs. Day off, hours til yoga, I decided to boil some eggs and make some. 634 more words

Looking Within

Cuckold resentment

*sigh* What to do when the wife is “off” sex?

Wait patiently? Done that,

Make household work easier? Done that.

Ask for it? Done that. 76 more words


Sticks and Stones

We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply — ten minutes too late. Write down one of those, but this time, make sure to sign off with your grand slam (unused) zinger. 377 more words