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Some Sound Biblical Advice

Most people who know me know how much I love my Bible. Some even wonder why. Well, I’m here to try to answer that question. 100 more words

Plenty of mommy guilt to go around, hubs

Some mornings I like to link to a contentious article on Facebook and just see what happens by afternoon.

I don’t want to start battles, only conversations (remember that by early afternoon, I’m usually still in my robe catching a few minutes of freelance-work-done screen time while my 2yo plays with blocks and most of the sentences I’ve uttered the whole day probably involved warnings to not throw said blocks. 1,083 more words

"having It All"


It is best to try and avoid shitty humans. If you can’t avoid them then ignoring them as much as possible may be a solution but you will have to learn to defend yourself and your loved ones against them if they become an inescapable part of your life, especially if they are trying to spread lies about you or your loved ones. 378 more words

Common Sense

Flaws and all.

Do you sometimes wish there was a manual for reactions and feelings? I feel like I’m always losing in this department! I hold on too long (to feelings, that is), even when I can’t clearly remember what it was that made me feel that way in the first place. 344 more words


This morning would have been no different than any other except for the way I reacted to my wife’s litany of complaints and criticisms about the way I handled the morning routine for my son. 115 more words


Letting go of fear and forgiving yourself

I never knew forgiving myself would be the hardest part. The truth is I don’t have a clue who I am without drugs and alcohol. I’m trying to figure that out day by day and by doing that I realize how much I live in fear and resentment towards myself. 466 more words


Waiting for Her: A Poem

Rules of the prompt: It must be a meaningful poem which ends with the phrase ‘Out of the Blue’.

With a gypsy’s soul barely contained inside, 183 more words