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Church Hunting

It is apt that my first post on this page should be about church hunting, as this is what has led me to start this blog. 1,390 more words


Caregiver Blues

Here I am. Continuing to struggle with feeling resentful and angry and annoyed and frustrated with my MIL….despite part of me wanting to choose a higher path. 454 more words

An Uprising

Anger and resentment have gotten a pretty bad rap, at least in the circles I have been in. But what if anger and resentment can serve as a way to take care of ourselves, a boundary of sorts? 130 more words

One simple meditation tip!

I just googled “meditation tips and tricks”. I found this site/page entitled “The White Hindu” and her tip for meditation was: every time you get distracted by you thoughts, pat yourself on your back because your meditating! 399 more words


venomous words are hard to clean
darkness taints a perfect blue sky
the photograph smudged and ruined
as the strong stench of yesterday
pulls on the chains of resentment… 137 more words


Jealousy: The Element of Exclusion

Some days I feel as if I’m “living the dream”. I feel as if I am right on the cusp of somewhere I want to be. 898 more words


Today Didn't Happen

It’s nearly 9:30pm and I’ve done a great deal of nothing but am exhausted. My “healthy eating” went out the window. Hence, the introduction of the: … 150 more words

Alone With You