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Day 209 In the Pursuit of Love (Horoscope)

I sometimes question why I read my horoscope. In truth, I forget what I’ve read a few minutes later. Today’s though stood out. I read two different ones and both talked about anger, temper, resentment. 543 more words


Abandonment: Forgiveness

SOURCE:  Living Free/Janet M. Lerner, D.S.W.

“Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.” 441 more words


Living with your best friend

Don’t do it. Don’t you do it. Don’t you ever do it.

There’s nothing fun about your best friend owing you a crap ton of money for cable and pg&e, and then watching boxes get delivered to your house filled with stuff she’s buying on the internet. 47 more words



“Karma is a bitch… I can’t wait til you get yours” ~idk.

I’m sure I’ve said this a time or two, but now I can see the absurdity of it. 79 more words

The Test of Love.

Monday is the day for the expression of love.

All through life’s experiences you will be presented with situations and people.

You will have to face the choice of reacting with love or with expressions that are less than love, such as anger, hatred, resentment. 46 more words


Break Free

How much clutter is in your life?
Do you realize it’s adding to your stress?

Do you tend to save everything?
Whether you’ll ever use it or not? 245 more words



My Father always said, “I would rather go through life trusting people and be lied to once in a while then go to go through life trusting no one!”…. 735 more words