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The husband is in a detox unit at our local hospital. Back in July, after my daughter and I went away for a week, he went on a bender and scared himself sufficiently to take himself back to AA. 329 more words


What Forgiveness is NOT

When we’re Starting Over Single, many people will tell us that we must learn to forgive. While forgiveness is a necessary part of our healing process, it is definitely a process. 298 more words

The Locked Beyond

I am starting a bible study called ‘Stuck’ and one of the questions I was asked in the study question given to me was: Do you truly want to be… 873 more words

Love Me With No Strings Attached

Most of us have had some experience of being loved simply as we are. That kind of love might have occurred in a friendship,  in a romantic relationship, in the connection between a parent and child or simply in an interaction with a beloved pet. 588 more words

Points To Ponder

Use Your Gifts Wisely

Our time and energy are our most precious gifts to give, and they’re also finite. Sometimes it’s really a practice in itself to direct your energy toward thoughts that strengthen you, rather than those that weaken you. 1,041 more words


Narcissistic Rage

What constitutes Narcissistic Rage – how does one separate it from “normal” anger as a result of a temporary moment of upset at your significant other (or any other close relationship).   888 more words


Nietzsche - Neither Here Nor There

That is how I looked at Philosophy and Poetry in college…neither here nor there. Actually that isn’t true … I was downright angry about it, I hated it so much. 606 more words