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23rd October, 2014. 1:48am

(I wrote this at 1am in bed)
Taciturn. I learned that early this morning.

Meaning someone who doesn’t speak much. Someone like me. 358 more words


Silence is golden?

I’m sure some of you have had this before, you start to write and somehow completely lose track and start rambling. This is one of those posts, which is weird because it’s meant to be about being the type of guy that doesn’t rattle on. 947 more words


Reserved: Not Available For You At This Time

Today I had a visitor. A person stopped by to talk to me about performance in a particular area or two of my life. I knew he was coming. 734 more words

Making an Impression

One of my natural tendencies is to “manage impressions”. I would go as far as to call it a talent, because not only do I automatically fall into doing it all the time (to my own detriment), but I’m damn good at it. 439 more words

Yah...keliatan nama gue, sama teman sma...

#SMA #rabbit #kelinci #bandung #indonesia #BRS – with Edy, Meita, Wirro, Irdy, Amelia, and Krishna

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Reserved Cloud

If I could fly


To the sky


Reserve a cloud for


Cause you are such


Sweetie pie


I’m so in love with… 8 more words


Glamour Shopping Week

Glamour‘s Shopping Week is in full swing and there are many good bargains to make. In case you feel overwhelmed with the offer or in case you fell like you are not finding anything, here are some suggestions and little orientation on what you can possibly buy and where the good deals are to be found. 187 more words

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