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Celebrate Good Times: Our 50th Blog

We are excited to announce that this is our 50th blog post! We are even more excited to announce that we will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2017! 231 more words


Impatiently waiting in the Assembly Area

Obviously before setting myself this challenge I had to have the basis of an idea.  It has taken at least three months of soul searching and wacky ideas to finally come up with an idea that is worth committing time and money to. 371 more words

Before I Get Started

Battle Prep

The first post is always the most difficult but not in this case. What I aim to do throughout my challenge is offer an honest, detailed and personal account of the decisions I make, the difficulties I face and any mistakes.   142 more words

Before I Get Started

San Diego police kill Myanmar refugee who had mental illness

San Diego police have shot and killed a refugee from Myanmar who had a mental illness.  The young man’s family called police after he threatened them with knives and a stick and police then escalated the volatile situation by breaking down the door and sending in a police dog.  336 more words


It takes a village, revisited

So the UK government is facing a judicial review in the High Court for providing aid to Ethiopia without regard to its human rights record. As reported by the… 771 more words

Another fatal fire – this time in Phoenix

A late afternoon fire killed a 7-month-old Somali baby boy at the McDowell East Apartments in Phoenix two weeks ago.  The cause of the fire remains under investigation.  396 more words


Is It Wrong To Have Regrets

This post is probably going to divide opinion.  Some will find what I’m about to say shocking, some will criticise me for being so negative, some will tell me to grow up but for some, I might just strike a chord of recognition.   1,780 more words