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Director of Office of Refugee Resettlement Resigns

In a letter released December 9, 2014 (see excerpts below) the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) resigned. He writes that he has no particular idea what he will do next but has many ideas. 713 more words


Conservative Canadian government deemphasizes need and vulnerability in pushing Syrian Muslims to the bottom of the list

The conservative-led Canadian federal government has announced that it will be “prioritizing” ethnic and religious minorities while resettling refugees from Syria. Apparently Muslim Syrian refugees will be pushed to the bottom or off the list entirely of refugees to be resettled. 429 more words


Dressed in their finest attire, a newly arrived family from Congo arrives at BWI.

This past summer, LSS/NCA welcomed a family of seven from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Baltimore. Having escaped one of the worst armed conflicts in recent history, the family has been given new hope in America. 336 more words


US to accept only 9000 of Syria's 3.8 Mil. Refugees

Counties around the world have so far agreed to accept 66,254 of Syria’s 3.8 million displaced refugees. Of those, the US says it is reviewing only 9000 resettlement applications, and has taken in only 300 refugees so far. 675 more words


Transforming Lives, One At A Time

One of the main aims of Anderston Community Action is to build community. Here’s the thing, communities aren’t things or objects, despite what our local authorities might think. 735 more words

Anderston Community Action

International Community Asked to Take 180,000 Syrian Refugees

The international community should step up its response to the Syria crisis by accepting 180,000 refugees. That’s the message from an appeal launched Monday by group of more than 30 humanitarian organizations. 234 more words