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Delhi's artist haven under threat

Kathputli Colony is a small settlement of puppeteers, artisans, folk singers and magicians situated in North-West Delhi, India. The colony is filled with sounds of dholaks, tablas and singers rehearsing Rajasthani folk songs. 112 more words

Sitarudi tena Misri, ninaenda Canada: Congolese refugees in Kampala and resettlement

There is a song that is often sung in Congolese churches in Kampala with a main lyric that goes “sitarudi tena Misri, ninaenda Kanana.” That lyric translates as, “I’m not returning again to Egypt, I’m going to Canaan.” So it’s a song about the Israelites leaving Egypt and going to the promised land of Canaan. 619 more words

Rebuilding Life After Losing Everything

“When I was coming here I was in deep sorrow. I had a son, and the way they killed him is why I came. My heart will always hurt when I think about my son. 188 more words


The roads that weren't

Likely few know or remember it now, but back in the late 60s or early 70s, Random Island nearly had 2 more roads.  Some may still remember near the Apsey Brook cemetery they had even cut a “line” going through the woods, passing near Island Pond (not whats labeled Island Pond on the map, that’s Fox pond),  curving round it, and passing between the two ponds of Double Pond to meet up with the road to Bluff Head Cove Pond. 257 more words

What Would It Take To Save Your Daughter’s Life?

Imagine your daughter is 15 years old. In an old suitcase you pack a few granola bars, a map, and the little bit of cash you have in your wallet. 350 more words


And now it's finished!

Later, I had another look at my handiwork and thought it lacked something. My button box was something I took home so I delved into it and added some. 8 more words

JF&CS introduces internatio​nal refugee resettleme​nt agency to Pittsburgh

Last week, JF&CS hosted the annual HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) national refugee conference in Pittsburgh for the first time in HIAS’s 130-year history. The conference featured introductions to Pittsburgh’s growing and vibrant refugee community and highlighted the work of JF&CS and our partner agencies. 567 more words