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About a guy

Sorry for the long hiatus. During my first two months of living in Doha I had a routine of updating my blog every weekend on Saturday. 694 more words

FINLAND – Changes to the Personal Identity Code Application

Effective 1 December 2014, foreign nationals applying for a Finnish residence permit will be asked whether they wish to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System and apply for a personal identity number in the application form. 79 more words


Three Months

Apparently I did not post this when I meant to post this. So what follows is my post for November 13, 2014:

Last week one of my American coworkers received a text message from the bank that her account would be suspended if she did not visit the branch and provide her residence permit number. 409 more words

Portugal Golden Visa 葡萄牙黄金签证 - What is it and how does it work?

This is exactly the right time to invest in real estate property in Portugal! Property prices have fallen sharply between 2010 and 2012, (up to 30 to 40%) however, since May of 2013 we are witnessing an increase in property prices, which indicates that we are over the bottom phase. 407 more words

Job Hunting

Been almost two weeks since my last post. Nothing much has changed – I’m still in Singapore :)

I have been keeping my eye out for available jobs, but then again, having some experience in the tourism industry doesn’t necessarily mean jobs that I can do are readily available to me. 392 more words


It's all about the little things...

…like writing right after a shower, specifically one that I was able to take in my own bathroom, equipped with actual hot water for its full duration. 627 more words