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3 Things Non-Aboriginal Canadians Need To Hear About Residential Schools

If you are a non-aboriginal Canadian, you need to hear some things about residential schools. Perhaps you have just heard of residential schools or have even known of them for a long time, but don’t understand why aboriginal people don’t just get over it already. 1,443 more words


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What people don't understand is that the legacy of Residential Schools still live on in our people today. This didn't happen 100 years ago, the last school was closed in 1996 - the year I was born. Like the author said, it hasn't even been 20 years.

Survivors: The lasting legacy of residential schools and its effect on hospital-based care

Survivor (sur•vi•vor) a person who survives, especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died; the remainder of a group of people or things. 286 more words


Colonial Christianity

The colonial conquerors all considered themselves to be Christians and were convinced that they were bringing enlightenment to the poor heathen of the conquered nations. Francisco Pizarro and his men went for the direct method – they rounded up the Inca leaders, forcibly baptized them and then executed them. 506 more words

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