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Students lead Orange Shirt Day movement in Regina

REGINA – The students at Scott Collegiate joined people across the country on Orange Shirt Day Tuesday, a national campaign, which began last year.

“We are all affected whether we went to residential school or not,” said Elder Noel Starblanket to the students . 205 more words


Taxpayers DO NOT Pay For First Nations; First Nations ARE Taxpayers

Part 2 to September 22, 2014 post:  Pathetic and Dense; You HAVE To Be an Indian.

I’m not an authority on all things Indigenous.  I am only an authority on being one. 2,004 more words


"Love is something I don't know"

In my previous post I explained why I wanted to publish accounts from some survivors of Canada’s residential school system.

These are the words of Pearl Achneepineskum who attended residential school for 8 years. 157 more words

Indigenous Peoples

Faith and Violence

We’re a violent species, we humans. It seems likely that we always have been. Five thousand years ago, when King Lugalzaggizi conquered a city he wrote proudly that he had built a wooden tower, and had the women and children thrown inside it. 329 more words

Q and A: Murray Sinclair on how residential schools taught aboriginal children they were 'heathens'

Justice Murray Sinclair chairs the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, formed to discover the truth of the Indian Residential School system and assist in the reconciliation and healing process for aboriginals victimized by its abuses. 611 more words


'About 500 of the victims remain nameless'

In March 2014, Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission held its seventh and final national event concerning the residential school system. In the 19th and 20th centuries about 150,000 indigenous children were seized from their families by authorities and forced to attend such schools across Canada. 447 more words

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Romeo Saganashs Speech On Murdered, Missing Aboriginal Women Silences House

OTTAWA – NDP MP Romeo Saganashs remarks to the House of Commons on Friday about the need for an inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women:”Indigenous women experience more violence because they are indigenous and because they are women. 364 more words