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Developing Food Resilience

Moments occur in time that with hindsight can appear as an alternative path or as a spark of inspiration that if pursued can lead to opportunities and connections. 481 more words


Using the Health Belief Model for Change

Last week i facilitated a worksop on building resilience. I found it ironic that the majority of participants chose to fuel their minds and bodies throughout the day with biscuits, ciggies, mentos lollies, packets of crisps, fried food for lunch, sugary coffees and “energy” drinks. 438 more words


Philippine Bamboo Tapped for Innovative Resilient Housing

Four representatives from Samahang Urban ng Maralitang Mamamayan (SUMAMA, Local Association of Urban Poor Communities) – Home Owners Association Inc. (HOAI) in Estancia travelled to Iloilo City with the UN-Habitat team on 10 July to see a model typhoon-resistant shelter built from bamboo. 130 more words

"All Success Begin With Definiteness of Purpose".

I recently attended an action group meet up here in Miami where I met a couple of fellow young entrepreneurs going through some of the same growing pains as me. 282 more words


Friday on my mind - the wisdom of 100 years

Recently, Rebecca Mary Milley – my Auntie Bec – turned 100. The occasion was marked by a gathering of the clan – four generations descending upon country Victoria to  share scones and tea and the biggest birthday cake I have ever set eyes on. 271 more words


What distinguishes people from the herd is resilience. People with resilience adapt during trials, changes and cope, which is believed to help the body combat posttraumatic stress. 35 more words

Ryan Hite


I have been down and out but not extinguished, that’s why I am writing from a point of power not cowering under the burden of life but as the leader of my life making it a quality life. 454 more words

Blissful Mind