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An Editorial on Societal Culpability for Have-Nots

A couple of years ago, I’d mentioned a study by Harvard Public School of Health which suggested that people with more education had greater resiliency against cognitive damage from toxic solvents. 595 more words

Physical Environment


My dear,
I know how it feels to
have an emptiness of life
with such a fullness of pain

And for every room
in your worn out mind… 43 more words


Revision techniques - Method of Loci

I started looking for a good revision technique or memory aid that I could use with students who were struggling to recall the vast number of studies correctly for their Psychology A-level A2 exams. 750 more words

Cognitive Science

Looking Behind the Drama Curtain: A Path to Resilience

This blog post is by Danette Adams, who will be facilitating a workshop on “Building Personal Resilience” on Sunday August 10 at Queen Street Yoga. 666 more words

Face Up

As I’ve got older I’ve found that I find it easier to face uncomfortable truths.

They may be to do with work, home, friends or family – but they all involve ‘me’ and my attitude and behaviour. 183 more words


Sheltered By Resilience

Would you shelter beneath a tree

if it had never endured a gale ?


Kelly Hartland

Rejection, Alleviated With Doughnuts

I revolve on a lazy Susan of rejection.

As a writer, photographer, freelance consultant, runner, single woman, and human being, I’ve learned that if I’m not being rejected in one area, there’s always another aspect of my life vulnerable to attack with a tap and flick of the revolving tray. 618 more words