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7. Look at the misery and deaths in our world. It is time to attack the 1%.

Many Afghans die in the ongoing war but the production of drugs continues.

About two million Indian kids die each year before they are five years old but I do not see any action against greedy 1% who are the basic reason of these deaths. 267 more words


Peace In The Storm

Peace in the Storm

And Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives entered the ark to escape the waters of the flood. 476 more words

Faith And Trust


“I don’t want to invent victories for people’s movements. But to think that history-writing must aim simply to recapitulate the failures that dominate the past is to make historians collaborators in an endless cycle of defeat. 87 more words



The more you struggle,

the more you sink.

The more you sink,

the more you struggle.

And you keep struggling,
and you keep fighting,
and you keep squirming, 135 more words


Resistance - Owen Sheers

I liked Resistance. I did, but, to be honest I cannot think of much in particular. The premise of the story, what would have happened if Germany had invaded Britain, was an interesting one and the setting in a remote part of Wales made it more intriguing than had it been set in a major city. 156 more words


Rick Bobrick: Why Not Legal Protection for Teachers Who Are Conscientious Objectors?

Rick Bobrick is a veteran teacher in New York. He is sick of the punitive high-stakes testing that he is compelled to administer. This regime is child abuse. 994 more words

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