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Flash! Palm Beach County, Florida, Considers Opting Out of State Testing

Does Palm Beach County, Florida, have the nerve to follow the example set by Lee County, Florida, which voted last week to opt the entire district out of state testing? 315 more words


Paul Horton: A History That Must Not Be Forgotten

Paul Horton, who teaches history at the University of Chicago Lab School, took his son on a visit to the Delta.

There they went to historical exhibits that were reminders if a brutal past. 21 more words


The History Girls: Hide & Seek, by Clare Mulley

Originally posted on The History Girls

This month The Folio Society republished one of the great memoirs of the Second World War; Xan Fielding’s Hide & Seek… 156 more words


Knife Party - Resistance

The new single from Knife Party’s debut album, ‘Abandon Ship’. As is typical of Knife Party, ‘Resistance’ starts off at a lightening pace, giving an instantly recognisable combo of thumping bass and a teasing hook, eventually building tension, before erupting into an absolute monster. 25 more words


David Wilcock Comment (Article) on Ben Fulford's 8-26-14 Post...

This is quite a long comment. There are a couple of “add-ons”, which I’ll post separately. David points out several things that Ben did not address in his article, but then again, David likely has different intel sources. 2,688 more words


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So September it is then. Makes a lot of sense why the Cabal is trying to start every type of war, distraction, division and chaos they can to keep from being taken down for good. Too bad for them, I feel this is a year where the people of this planet will gain the upper hand and the Cabal will wither to nothing.

Who Wrote the Letter First?

Earlier today I posted about a letter that went viral. Its authorship was attributed to two different people. A reader, Mary Ginley, says she wrote the letter in 1999: 28 more words


FAIRTEST: The Resistance to Test Mania Grows Stronger

If the issues were not so serious, watching test-and-punish advocates backpedal in the face of the rapidly growing testing resistance movement would be great entertainment. From U.S. 680 more words

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