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Favorite Places in Athens pt 4

One of my favorite places in Athens is probably nobody else’s favorite place, but that’s okay. I am talking about Ryors Hall, the residence hall where I live! 74 more words


Being Emotionally Authentic

Hey folks, I apologize for the hiatus I’ve taken from my blog.  The past few weeks have been extremely busy and overwhelming, but I’m back!  In this post I won’t only be talking about what it means to be emotionally authentic, but how this theme has appeared in my life recently and how important it is to one’s wellbeing. 329 more words

birthday bulletin board

I borrowed this idea from a Pinterest post so that all my residents would know when there’s a birthday on the floor, and so far it’s been working! 98 more words


To Be or Not to Be... Consistent

Being an RA involves a number of important skills that we must keep on hand. Consistency is one of them. Consistency acts as an umbrella to the other skills needed. 144 more words

Res Life

100 Happy Days: Day 79

September 6th.

I went into work. On a weekend. It was actually pretty great. I’m working on some more Door Decorations.

Basically I slept a lot. 55 more words


door tag theme

These little guys took me FOREVER to make! But it was so very worth all the work because my residents seemed to really like them. I used bulletin board, black sharpies and a printer to make these; the color of construction paper isn’t as vibrant aaaand construction paper is just too flimsy. 115 more words


September 1


Hello beautiful people!

I know I said I would keep you updated on this lovely welcome weekend, and I have had plenty to write about, but that’s just the problem. 258 more words