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Asking The Important Questions...

To all the little fishys out there, y’all will know just what I mean when I tell you that today’s discussion will cover the “Roommate Agreement.” Oh you can’t recall what that is? 824 more words

A Halloween love letter to my residents..

To my dear residents,

You’re allowed one guest each, and one guest only.
Please register by THIS Friday at 4:30pm or you’ll be lonely.
Go to your MyHousing page and click on “Halloween Registration” 196 more words


Studying In A Community

Happy Friday!

The month of October is the month of ghosts, ghouls and ungodly midterm exams. This can produce large amounts of stress and sleepless nights for students, especially freshmen who are taking their exams for the first time. 466 more words

Community Building

10 Reasons You Want to Live in Hitch

After a long year of construction, Hitch is proud to re-open its doors for residents of The Hill!  If you haven’t been by to visit yet (which I highly recommend you do), here is a list of reasons why Hitch is seriously awesome. 279 more words


This should have been a food blog...

There’s definitely something magical happening when food and photography meet…or maybe it’s just my obsession. I once read an article arguing that recipes should be considered fiction: … 638 more words


Nicknames and Belonging

For me, nicknames are something special. They symbolize a deeper understanding for another, a certain trust that warrants an entirely new title. When one is bestowed with such a title, the gesture seems to say, “I know you and I accept you.” 308 more words

Water Out In Old Kenyon So, Like, PLEASE Don't Light It On Fire Again [UPDATED]

– Housing and Reslife has issued another email alerting Old Kenyon residents that as soon as the water is restored to the building, they will be under a “boil alert” (much like New Apts.) for “ 297 more words