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Getting ReAdy

Talk about the beginning of the year, stories, etc.

talk about RA manual

talk about use of social media in job (pinterest, twitter, Facebook, etc) 50 more words


An Inside Look Behind Closed Doors

Talk about deciding to be an RA, the class and SSO

personal expectations going in, and realization of what the job entails

insert pictures from SSO

(full-staff and door decs pictures)


Registering For Classes: The Program

Registering for classes is one of the most daunting experiences for first year students. At the University of Florida, faculty members help students register at preview orientation, but they never seem to know how to do it when November registration comes around. 381 more words


First Annual Graham Hunger Games

One of the greatest traditions of my residence hall area is Feasty, a Thanksgiving event where the area staff cooks for the residents. However, the RAs of the Graham area decided that we wanted to provide a more interactive experience for our residents. 353 more words


Strengths In Practice: Planning An Area-Wide Event

One of the greatest aspects of being a RA is knowing you are a part of a team that will support you and assist you in your “reslife.” This becomes especially helpful when co-programming (Multiple RAs hosting one event). 461 more words



Hello and welcome to The Blog! I’m so glad you stumbled upon this little corner of the Interwebs…happy to have you here! This is my first entry…don’t let that scare you. 309 more words

Compassionate Living

Let's Catch Up! It's Been a While!

Well, this school year has been quite the adventure, let me tell you. Now, I realize I’ve kind of neglected this blog, but I am (hopefully) back in action!! 460 more words

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