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a love that doesn't leave

August 11th, 2014. Top 5 worst days of my life. My parents are away in Georgia, I’m moving back into college after living at home for a year, and the reality of my good friend Phil being killed in a car accident the day before decided to finally hit me. 890 more words


Perfect Timing

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I don’t handle stress well. I either distract myself for hours watching funny videos on BuzzFeed (which ultimately increases my stress when I realize I have all this work to do), or I take my immense stress out on others. 616 more words

Let’s Talk ResLife

If you live on campus here at Eastern, listen up. This post is for you. We’ve hit the time of year that Housing and Residence Life is looking to recruit their new staff for the upcoming academic year. 530 more words

College Life

I Know I Picked the Right Career and Grad Program

As I sit in a coffee shop (how cliche) working on a lit review, I realized how I picked the right grad program. I was incredibly hesitant to pursue literacy education. 552 more words

Adult Life

A Day In the Life

A day in the life of an RA can be pretty eventful depending on the day. An RA might have an in-service to attend, a program to prepare for, a bulletin board to do and much, much more! 467 more words



When it comes to being an RA, you have to face reality. Paperwork. Nobody loves paperwork, but we have to do it. Every RA does the basics: interaction logs, duty forms, My CoCo, program forms, and OTM forms. 594 more words




Let me take you on my SSO journey. It’s 2 weeks before residents move in and LaFollette was looking oh so empty and bare, but alas the B/C staff arrived. 539 more words