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Resolute Determination

Napoleon once said “The truest wisdom is a resolute determination”. What he didn’t know was “The truest wisdom often materializes once we are sloshed” – that was the day I encountered it. 515 more words


Resolution versus Adaptability

I am currently reading the series The Belgariad. It is a fantasy adventure series based on typical fantastic themes: evil wizards, foul monsters, magical artifacts, and a host of heroic characters. 805 more words

The Resolute Pursuit

I saw you walking one day, an exquisite being;
The most beautiful creature I’d ever seen.
Determined to capture your attention somehow,
To claim the assets your physique would endow. 168 more words


How...can you 'take a stand,' today?

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Weekly Question: How… can you ‘take a stand,’ today? 995 more words


Of passion and resolute being

You know the feeling you get when someone mentions the name of someone you absolutely adore?

The feeling that instantly dissipates any concern or sense of self, leaving you totally amiss of any activity you were involved in.

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So in spirit of things that are black, I came across these gems at a bargain store (for now let’s call said retail store TJ Maxx). 339 more words