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Switch: From hope to anxiety | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

This is that time of the year (seeing that we have already started the eight month) when people switch from hope to anxiety. They start thinking about the fact that they started the year with some goals and in the eight month, maybe many of the goals are yet to be achieved. 651 more words

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30 Day Detox...

It’s the first of August so everyone is on high alert for some 30 day project.  Fitness? Self Improvement? Diet? There is a 30 day detox for everyone and I mean EVERYONE. 502 more words


August 1st is the best excuse

… I cant believe it’s already August!

I’m very happy to finally say that, since it’s August 1st.. I hit the pavement after 2 weeks off. 80 more words


August, 2th 2014. 00.12 am

Selamat malam.

Baru beberapa menit lewat hari yang baru. Kemarin lagi-lagi mendapatkan sesuatu yang masuk dalam kategori ‘kepikiran’.

They say, “Tua itu pasti, dewasa itu pilihan.” … 113 more words


I see the question asked very often, “Well, what does it FEEL like?”  More often, I see women ask, “Is it supposed to FEEL like this?”  I want to take the time to explain what a miscarriage, or pregnancy loss, feels like.   1,631 more words

Baby Loss