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I’ve always been a relatively clean person, but I struggle with tidiness and organization. I can usually find everything I need, but there is neither rhyme nor reason to my room. 318 more words

Habits: Holding us back or propelling us towards happiness?

Can you teach on old dog new tricks?

When embarking on a project like this, the kind where you examine your life, examine yourself and decide to make conscious changes, you start to feel a vague sense of lethargy coming on. 496 more words


Elul 1

As Elul starts, all I can think is ‘not yet!’ I am not ready. I haven’t done all the things I want to be judged on this year. 781 more words


Back To The Future!

Again, apologies for not posting more the last few weeks. It’s been rough being out of work, broke, and feeling so sick.

But I digress…(I’ve always wanted to say that!) 494 more words


Progress Report

At the beginning of the year, I told myself I would keep up on this blog–at least once a month, preferably once a week–just to keep myself actively engaged in writing. 694 more words

Time and Tide Wait for...

Well, not for me, that’s for sure. In which I reflect on the march of time, our need to think we can control it, and procrastination, without using that word. 496 more words


Blog Every Day

Writing is one of those hobbies that can so easily fall by the way side. A bout of writers block, a severe dose of procrastination, and a dash of performance anxiety can be a lethal mix. 167 more words