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Does Appalachia have a coal curse?

Natural resources are generally thought of as beneficial for economic development. Yet, many of the regions with abundant resources do not perform well economically, that is, there seems to be a resource curse. 976 more words

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New supervisor for commodity trading corporations in Switzerland?

Last week, the Berne Declaration played a little prank on the agency that supervises the Swiss finance sector, FINMA. The Swiss NGO has long been campaigning for a stronger regulation of Switzerland’s commodity market – which is actually a misleading term, as no barrel of Brent crude probably ever touches Swiss soil. 377 more words


Curbing Corrpution in Papua New Guinea: What Australia Can do

A lively discussion is underway on the Development Policy Centre‘s DevPolicy Blog about what Australia can do to help control corruption in Papua New Guinea, the largest recipient of Australian foreign assistance.    736 more words


Africa’s mineral wealth: A blessing or a curse?

No region has provided more abundant evidence in support of the resource curse theory than Africa. Countries such as Angola, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria have been widely used as case studies to explore the links between resource exports, conflict and poor governance. 541 more words

A Day in a Forgotten Land

We love to judge without understanding. We believe that just because it works here it MUST work everywhere. We impose our views upon others because what we believe is the right belief and as such we must inform and bring everyone to our side. 1,017 more words


Ghana discovers oil, trouble ensues

One of the curious facts about country performance is the so-called resource curse: countries that have lots of natural resources grow more slowly, on average, than those that do not. 374 more words

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