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Signs of Breast Cancer

While often caused by less severe conditions, a breast lump, pain, and tenderness are often the things most associated with breast cancer. 65 more words


Breast cancer...an ethical issue

I came accross this while going through your research assess tasks. I will return these tomorrow.

Latest update on BRCA Gene Patenting
May 2014
Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling last year that the BRCA gene patents held by US biotechnology company Myriad Genetics are invalid on the basis that isolated genes are not patentable, the US market for BRCA gene testing has opened up, and several US competitors have launched related products.



A vegan diet results in more animal deaths than an omnivorous one.

That is the ludicrous conclusion of a 2003 paper by Steven Davis published in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics.

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Notes on Islam and Jehovah Witnesses

BOGUS!   ISLAM is the same as Christianity. 

John 3:16 separates any religion from Christ. See John 1:1 too!


ISLAM teaches= legalism and that Jesus was only a Prophet. 165 more words

GCSE Higher 2 Year Schedule

As from September 2014 all Year 10 students will follow at least one 2 year Scheme of Work (Higher or Foundation).  Attached to this post is the Schedule for Higher Mathematics.   6 more words


2NE1 pixel speech bubble PNG pack

Hi Blackjacks, buat kalian yang suka ngutak-ngatik photoshop dan sebagainya, 2NE1indo sekarang udah menyediakan resource.

Kita bakal menyediakan PNG, PSD, render dsb yang berhubungan dengan 2NE1. 43 more words


Another Pause

Sorry to stall our trip around the world by books again. But I need time to scope out the remaining countries and find the best stories set there. 744 more words