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A Blog About a Blog: How This Blog Can Be a Great Resource

Well even for me it sounds a bit silly to write a blog about a blog.  The only thing sillier would be to not take the time to tell you how resourceful my blog could be for those looking to buy a house, sell a house, who own a home, or live in Westfield, IN.  135 more words

Wendy Vivirito

Are you thinking ahead about Transferring?

Do you want to transfer to the U?
Do you want to get your application fee waived and save $45?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you can mark your calendar for the…. 122 more words

Salt Lake Community College

Retirement Planning at 30: Why There Were Tears

Last week Chris and I sat down with our awesome financial advisers (http://www.cochranmickels.com/) and spent a few pivotal hours together. We were presented with a small book, our retirement plan. 300 more words


Filmmaking Resources - Let's Begin!

Here are a few links for beginning filmmaking resources we’ve found helpful. You can find information and help in pre-production, production and post production, including the business side of film as well as production. 342 more words

Film Resource

Utilizing African Social Capital in the Diaspora

It is valid and justified to argue the existence of orchestrated bad practices and policies of exclusion and “sideline” of individuals of immigrant origin.

I believe that notion or thought synchronizes with various conspiracy theories that claim the existence of orchestrated tendencies, which limits the utilization of the African Diaspora and it inherent social capital. 499 more words

Diaspora Capital

Merge Recap-September 21

Series: The Red Stuff
Message in a sentence: As followers of Christ, we should look different and make a difference
Key Scriptures: … 281 more words


Normal hearing

1/ sound wave

2/ the pinea directs sound wave to the ear drum or tympanic membrane

3/ the ear drum vibrates..sound energy changes to kinetic energy… 125 more words