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New Blog About Section 503 of Rehabilitation Act


In March an amendment was made to Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act. This is the section about employment and non-discrimination. While people with disabilities who are looking for work and not finding any are at 15% of the population, people without disabilities experience an 8% rate of unemployment. 144 more words


The Lyme Bible

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by the amount of information swirling around the internet on the ‘should-dos’ and “should-not-dos’ of lyme disease? I remember how confusing and emotionally deflating it was to try and sift through loads of information to hopefully figure out fact from blind-faith. 623 more words


Create a Welcoming Environment

True Story: The Year my Classroom Space Seriously Hurt my Classroom Culture

A couple of years ago I started teaching at a new school within three days of moving back into the country from London. 1,549 more words


Success Story - Assistive Technology & Reuse Program

Today Jacob received an Invacare Pronto M91 power wheelchair from ILSNC Reuse program. The power wheelchair was donated last month in need of two new batteries. 34 more words


Study Tool: the Bible App

Teachers of the Bible need to spend time reading the Bible (deep thought, I know).  While you could lug around a physical Bible everywhere you go, take advantage of something you’re already carrying: your smartphone. 181 more words


3 Keys to an Extraordinary Marriage

Your marriage is perfectly positioned to be the marriage God has in mind.

Do you believe that?

No matter your age, stage of life or state of marriage, you are only a few choices away from an extraordinary marriage.   185 more words