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Church Giving Down in Post-Recession

I read in a recent article that while charitable giving has been rising for the past four years, religious giving has been flat since the Great Recession. 151 more words

Capital Campaign Planning

3 Steps to Kick the Habit of Masturbation

Several weeks ago I received a comment about quitting masturbation:

I have eliminated the porn from my life. How can I break the habit of masturbation and lust? 723 more words


The Purpose of a Thank-You Letter

Writing a thank you letter after an employment interview has become the norm, some employer’s think less of those candidates who fail to follow up with a thank you letter. 185 more words

Job Search

WordPress in a Local Development Environment


And so it came to pass that I began delving into building web sites in a more efficient way. Goodbye, flat HTML pages. Hello, WordPress! 436 more words


Detroit Water Torture

Hundreds of demonstrators marched through Detroit this weekend to protest the city’s crackdown on delinquent water customers. Thousands of families are having their water shut off because they (or sometimes previous tenants) did not pay water bills. 143 more words


Serial Killer Myth Number One: Mentally Ill or Evil Geniuses

Serial killers are rarely insane and have average intelligence.

Contrary to mythology, it is not high intelligence that makes serial killers successful. Instead, it is obsession, meticulous planning and a cold-blooded, often psychopathic personality that enable serial killers to operate over long periods of time without detection.

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How I am learning 20+ languages

It is impossible not to sound cocky or all know-it-all-ish when I say that I am learning 19 different languages. But I’ll let you in on a secret: learning languages is a lifestyle; it’s not a hobby, it’s not a pastime; it’s not a thing. 1,056 more words