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Overuse of Resources

Sometimes a good way to realize how important it is to think about the things you to and how it may affect the environment is to recognize that we’ve only got this one planet to get… 313 more words


By Maraina Popham

The Food Rainbow a popular Food and Nutrition resource used with children from early childhood, primary and through to intermediate age. The theory behind the food rainbow is to act as a visual support in educating children about the importance of integrating a diverse variety of fruit and vegetables into their daily meals. 535 more words


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Painting the Jewish Diaspora

This painted “mindmap” was created by Ward Shelley. I found it here. Make sure you click on it and view it full screen, and expand it to see its details. 231 more words


Looking back to 1987

About 6 months ago, I got invited to give one of two plenary addresses at the upcoming 2014 Kansas City Math Expo, which will occur in three short weeks.   621 more words