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Saying Yes: Atomic Robo RPG

In recent weeks I wrote a series of posts on game-masters who say “No” to player ideas, and how GMs can dramatically increase everyone’s fun at the table by learning to listen and say “Yes.” … 1,994 more words


Creating a Positive Online Learning Environment

There are lots of things that instructors can do to foster a positive online learning environment.

Errol Craig Sull, an online instructor for 17 years, with a national reputation in the subject, suggests that personality is hugely important in online learning, and outlines several suggestions for conveying a positive, supportive, and enthusiastic personality in online instruction in the link below: 165 more words



I decided that my end of year celebration was going to be about plotting, planning and preparing. Much like a New Years resolution I want to have everyone in my family write down their intentions for next spring. 221 more words


No One Likes to Write a Term Paper

I have a background in education and part of that education included learning about various learning styles. Imagine my surprise and confusion when I recently learned that there is no evidence to suggest that teaching to learning styles increases student success. 283 more words


The Draw of Gaming

Like it or not, our kids are hooked… on gaming. Maybe not all of them, but many. Well, there are reasons the gaming world is so… wait, I’m going to use the word you may dread to hear connected with this… engaging. 169 more words


Why I Go To Church

I recently went on a weekend trip with a close friend from college. We returned to the hotel room on Saturday night after a long day of exploring Seattle. 472 more words