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Let's Build Strong Math Classrooms From Day 1

Hey math team!

I am really excited by the priorities and challenges that Scotty and Dave both talked about in their beginning-of-year blog posts. Dave’s growth mindset focus is so powerful for building mathematical agency, and Scotty’s student-centered approach reinforces the idea that knowledge is not something “held” by the teacher, but something that students themselves can create and own. 2,115 more words


New EHRC guidance on gender segregation

The EHRC has recently published useful guidance on gender segregation. Of particular relevance to the WEA and work to support those experiencing most exclusion to access education is the reference to positive action provision on pages 6, 7 and reference number 10.


Utilization of resources

India, second largest population of the world, blessed with so many resources but still we are not there where we should be. Why? well a lot of people will say ‘because of lack of education’, some will say ‘because of unemployment’ but I think the major reason is because we are not utilizing the resources we are blessed with. 105 more words

Collaboration in PowerPoint Presentations

Do you know that there are two ways to collaborate with others on your presentation using PowerPoint? Emailing each other about updates and edits on your presentation can get pretty confusing fast because it’s hard to keep track of the latest changes. 122 more words