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Q is for...... Questions

How many of you thought it was going to be for Quilting??
Okay, it was but I changed my mind again. I’m a woman and it’s my prerogative apparently. 950 more words

Personal Growth

Make No Room for Bullies

“True compassion is more than flinging

coins to a beggar; it understands that an

edifice that produces beggars needs restructuring.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 664 more words

What stops the world from turning?

Losing your cell phone.
That will stop our lovely planet from spinning. It may even interrupt our orbit of the sun, causing this planet we live on to fall into the sun. 1,196 more words

My Thoughts

If a person were wise, his concern over his own sins would distract him from seeing the faults of others.

Respect For Others

Reported by `Abdullah bin `Amr bin Al-`as (RA): Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “It is one of the gravest sins to abuse one’s parents.” It was asked (by the people): “O Messenger of Allah, can a man abuse his own parents?” Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “He abuses the father of somebody who, in return, abuses the former’s father; he then abuses the mother of somebody who, in return, abuses his mother”.


Whom do you allow into your 'Safe Zone?'

Your “Safe Zone.”

Can you define yours? Can you tell me about it, or is it so faded that you really no longer have one? If you do have a safe zone, is it empty? 1,539 more words

Social Effects