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Why a child should not be king of the home

There are widely divergent views on child training in North America – ranging all the way from a laissez faire attitude (let the child alone and she will figure things out on her own), to the harsh disciplinarian (if you want a child to learn how to behave you need to spank him once a day, and twice on Sundays). 614 more words


Boundaries Create Respect in Relationships

Gail holds a degree from Lamar University in Speech and a Master’s from the University of Texas. She married Sam after raising three children as a single mother. 59 more words
Single Mothers

Namaste (Acrostic)

Nowhere and Everywhere,

All things and No-thing,

Master and Servant–God,

Acknowledging the Divine in you

Satisfies my soul

Teaching me to love others

Even more than myself.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Love vs War

Have you ever noticed that when we greet someone and have been talking for a little we ask the other person where are they from?  We always seem curious of what environment the other person originated.  356 more words


July 15 - The Temple of God

1 Corinthians 3; I Kings 15:33-16:34; Joel 3

We have a special respect for places of worship even for those from people of other religions. They represent attempts to find and worship God. 242 more words

Devotional Thoughts