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Dudes: 5 Things That Will NOT Earn You Sex

Poor Judgment

Never Judge a Book by its cover!! At times, you might feel insecure about yourself and find no other outlet but to judge someone else. 427 more words

Dating Tips

Quote of the Day

If a man expects his woman to be an angel in his life, then he should first create a heaven for her.


Redheads Daily

First off, I worked a ton this last week.

I worked 87 hours last week. It was exhausting. I finally had some things to note, there was stuff I wanted to write, but I didn’t have time. 356 more words

Lost Words of Jesus – Respect, Love and Cherish Women

I have been embarking on a new research project – this time more deeply into the life of Jesus, and more specifically into his life experiences, education, culture, and message.  767 more words

Kalki Koechlin tells story of every woman

It is India Today Conclave and Kalki(my favorite actress) tells what is it like to be woman? She goes on to tell how people see women and how women should be treated? 15 more words

A New Start

Become an angry young man.

I believe one of the most rewarding aspects of parenthood is observing the slow emergence of the questioning, thinking mind of a child. It is a delight to see your child becoming socially conscious, questioning the wrongs that s/he sees around him/her, asking you for your thoughts on it and trying to figure out the chaos in his or her minds in his or her way. 465 more words


“She is so sexy!!!!”….

Yeah it’s the common whisper among the boys.. bubbling with testosterone driven adrenaline rush..  Before you mistake me for a boy.. Let me clarify I am of the opposite sex.. 337 more words