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Never like an Indian Man

I watched this video a day ago on facebook and it has been haunting me ever since.

Its time we started discouraging men people to be “like an Indian man”.


#AskThicke is a Beautiful Disaster

Is Beetlejuice your fashion icon? #AskThicke pic.twitter.com/cKPHkARfZh

— Christine (@CMVanek) July 1, 2014

Woke up this morning and checked twitter.

Boy I am glad I did.

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Aspiring to be an Artiste? Do you have what it takes?

“Who the fuck are you to tell me this?” I know, this question might pop up after you have read that title above. And I say it is a valid thought and that is why I will have a disclaimer notice. 798 more words


chewing gum-

Well heeelloo there. How have you been, Sweetie-pie? My weekend has been.. weird. Let me explain it to you, pretty face <3

My colleague, let’s call her T, invited me to spend the the weekend with her, her boyfriend and some more friends on this island out in the middle of nowhere in Stockholm, so I said yes and we took the boat on thursday. 443 more words

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Respect and The Opposite Sex...

Well, that’s a novel idea, isn’t it?  Respect and being a gentleman.  I respect women, I treat them right, hold open the door for them, pay the bill when we go out, etc.  389 more words


Women are not kitchen appliances

Well, I saw an advertisement today and was simply impressed! Havells is reminding the men of this country that women are not kitchen appliances. The best of the lot was this: 231 more words


Respect: Part One-A Poem

This was a practice not only in message but also in the visual form of the writing.

Respect Part One
by: Ronovan from Life

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