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Should "Chivalry" Be Dead? (Guest Post)

Anna: Co-founder of {project feminism}

“Chivalry is dead.”

You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. But what does this saying really mean, anyway? And who gets to qualify it? 1,766 more words

International Women’s Day - Simply Another Fête for Urban Women

What do you plan to do on March the 8th—‘go out for dinner with friends,’ ‘go out shopping,’ ‘go to a club and celebrate’—ideas are raining, and it’s getting more exciting every passing day! 2,192 more words


Discussion on Women Empowerment and Respect !!

Hey lovely people who just came to read this ,
I am really sorry that there is so much delay in this post , I drafted this long time back but since I had to kinda move out of my house I was busy planning my stay :) 1,399 more words

Chennai Fashion Blogger

Never like an Indian Man

I watched this video a day ago on facebook and it has been haunting me ever since.

Its time we started discouraging men people to be “like an Indian man”.


#AskThicke is a Beautiful Disaster

Is Beetlejuice your fashion icon? #AskThicke pic.twitter.com/cKPHkARfZh

— Christine (@CMVanek) July 1, 2014

Woke up this morning and checked twitter.

Boy I am glad I did.

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Aspiring to be an Artiste? Do you have what it takes?

“Who the fuck are you to tell me this?” I know, this question might pop up after you have read that title above. And I say it is a valid thought and that is why I will have a disclaimer notice. 798 more words