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Thank You For That ...

Well Creator, here we are again, at the end of another year.  And as always, I am sitting here trying to wrap my brain around the changes you have made. 429 more words


5 principles that I learnt from my bosses.

Throughout my professional career thus far, I had the opportunity to work with a very diverse set of bosses – those who were from a different culture, different educational background, different philosophies, different values and different leadership styles. 782 more words


Rule Number One: Don't Hand Toddlers Your Bracelets:

I’m only 20, but my experience in child rearing far surpass my years on this Earth . . I remember changing my first dirty diaper at the tender age of 7-not because I chose to but because my mum was too distraught by a situation that she could not control (more about that in the future) which left me in charge of my 3 younger siblings- the youngest who was just a new born. 282 more words

There's always a little....

My wife sent me this and I thought it was really interesting.  I brings up some very useful points that people just don’t really think about.  1,009 more words


Where The Home Fires Burn

“Remember that your home may be your castle, but it is your wife’s canvas.” These words popped into my head while raking the leave yet one more time in preparation for Christmas.  396 more words


Feminism and the Role of Women

I love having intellectual debates and conversations about just about anything. Though my husband is an incredibly intelligent man, he despises these types of conversation. As frustrating as this can be for me, I know that I cannot expect my him to fulfill my every need and whim. 524 more words