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The myth of innate adult authority over children.

Before going further please google search “how to get kids to listen” and look upon all the results. Then go to amazon.com and search “parenting books” and look upon all the books. 782 more words


Here’s some irony for ya. 

Last night, I was upset at myself for my douchey attitude while hanging out with coworkers. Mainly because I find one of them attractive and that he likes to chuckle at me like, “Un-fucking-believable” when I say certain shit like, “Yea, I’ve made out with girls. 396 more words

Occupational Therapy

RESPECT and Biblical Bathroom Humor

Sunday was our first lesson in Orange: 252 Basics, and boy did we have a great time together!  Maybe it was the toilet paper pass or maybe it was the potty humor, but I believe it was truly God’s Word. 762 more words


Thinking Of Quitting

I don’t know fellas and felleses but I feel like the bloggersphere isn’t cut out for me,

I think I can do so much better in lyfe. 92 more words


Prestige: n. large respect and admiration achieved for a subset(s) such as a human(s) and/or product(s) resulting from (quality and/or success) and/or (influence and/or wealth) and/or (good deeds and/or talent) 165 more words

Common Sense

How to Change the World

I have to admit that I have never seen an episode of “19 Kids and Counting.” I have seen a few interviews and articles, and let me tell you that I believe those dear people have a special place in heaven for birthing 19 little humans who all seem to be relatively well-adjusted, all while keeping their sanity. 344 more words

My Wish For Everyone - Share So We Can Spread It Around The World

Together we can…… Remember these thoughts throughout your Journey….. Darlene