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Dear Mackems ...

… Thank you for …

  • Gus’s Luis love
  • selling us Hendo
  • selling us Mignolet
  • halting Citeh, &
  • twatting the Chavs!

effing Fab!

Red Redder Reddest

Saturday Situation: Does It Matter How You Dress At Work?

A friend shared with me that she cannot tell the teachers at her son’s school from the students. Does it matter how you dress at work? 185 more words

Bet On Black

Motivation in Your Life

Spring Cleaning is right around the corner, well really it is already here. So, it is time to interpret what this philosophy is really all about. 671 more words


You meet a person. You start talking. You may have a thousand things in common or nothing at all and at that very moment you’ll never know if you’re going to be best friends forever, or never talk again. 393 more words

The Honest Russians’ Appeal to the People of Ukraine

Reblogged from http://echo.msk.ru/pda/blog/echomsk/1302704-echo/
Translated by George Pinchuk

Dear sisters and brothers,

In this horrible moment of time, we would like to address you with much pain in our hearts. 844 more words


Before you I loved five... Who, what, when, where, why...

How many did u love before me? she asked…
I Loved five… Who, what, when, where, why…
Hmm… Can you tell me about them… 

Who… 710 more words


Rabbi's Gift

Once a great order, a decaying monastery had only five monks left. The order was dying. In the surrounding deep woods, there was a little hut that a Rabbi from a nearby town used from time to time. 672 more words

Challenging Status Quo