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Solara, it is not nice to message me and then block me from responding, so I will respond here ( and maybe get my ass in trouble). 84 more words

Case Solution for Responding to a Heated Classroom Discussion: Affirmative Action Example

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Responding to a Heated Classroom Discussion: Affirmative Action Example

Authors :           Deborah R. Ettington

Source :             North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 147 more words


Seminar, Fri, 11/14

First-Year Composition (r10 and r11)

Fastwrite: Please jot down some thoughts on one of the keywords below.  (If there is a term you feel we should talk about but that I have not listed, please feel to introduce it.) Consider writing on a term or concept that you haven’t discussed on the blog yet. 156 more words


How To Achieve Harmonious Relationship?

Are you reacting or responding? No one wins in any verbal or physical fight, when both parties begin to throw each other invective words and hurting statements or when both engage in a physical fight, because both are reacting to their present circumstance. 922 more words

Personal Development

"It's All Good" A Phrase of No Hope

“It’s all good.”

Please don’t respond to me with those flaccid few words.  They’re limp and wretchedly without hope.

It’s a phrase not even worthy of being called insidious. 424 more words


What is the difference between Reacting & Responding? part 2

Hello parents,

It’s time again for our online parenting class. I hope you are enjoying the bite-sized parenting encouragement.

You might be wondering if you can invite other parents to join our online parenting class and the answer is “YES”! 303 more words


Are You Reacting Rather Than Responding to Your Life?

For years I have talked with clients about choosing to not live their lives from a place of fear.

Fear is often something we suffer through, push down, numb out and allow to hold us back and dim our light. 521 more words