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Learning to fly, again

I was discussing the ebb and flow of life with a friend recently. Naturally, a topic like that led to thoughts about the weight of the world’s pain, and the often contrasting lightness of the things a soul feels called, attracted, toward. 371 more words

On The Heart's Path

My Response To "Understanding Comics"

I enjoyed reading chapter two and five of Understanding Comics. At first I thought that the information would be generalized considering it was a comic. But on the contrary the information was more in depth because it was in the form of a comic. 349 more words


Giving Guns to Kids is Fun! (A Response to the NRA)

Before we get too far into this, let me say that I am not one of these people who believes that kids need to be protected from everything.  1,099 more words


Categories Issue

My categories don’t show unless I add a post to them. For some reason this happens no matter what theme I use. 


You Really Think Denial and Trash-Talk is the Answer?! (Another Response to Gaming Journalism)

So, it’s been two weeks since the whole thing about Zoe Quinn and her using sex and underhanded tactics to get ahead broke.  It was a story that took the gaming world by storm.  1,085 more words


Response #4: "The Details? They Matter" (RtWC C6) and "The Writers You Tutor" (Bedford C5)

Chapter 5 of the Bedford Guide offers tips for tutoring special populations of writers, including writers with various learning styles, writers with writing anxiety, writers with basic writing skills, second language writers, writers with learning disabilities, and adult learners. 700 more words