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Night Owl, Genius, It's All Madness

There’s this article from Elite Daily that uses a few studies to conclude that “staying up later is linked to intelligence”. At first, I thought I would let it go, but then I saw the comments and realized I just really want to get this out of the way. 1,024 more words



What is Feeling?

After some deliberation, it seems that a feeling is a response by life to a stimulus generated by the process of living. It seems that this response that we call feeling happens immediately after the occurrence of the stimulus; it is almost instantaneous. 411 more words


Response to Mashable's 5 Common Evolution Myths

I came across an interesting article on Mashable today.  It was called “5 Common Evolution Myths, Debunked” (http://mashable.com/2014/07/29/evolution-myths-debunked).  As of last count it had been shared around 3,000 times and the accompanying video had been viewed over 13,000 times.  1,129 more words


Hypo-Science-Critical Christians: Evolution and Flu Shots

I found this picture making it’s way around. It’s called sheltering suburban mom. In this case it’s pointing out some blatant hypocrisy of people who don’t believe in evolution, but do get the flu shot every year. 546 more words


Counterargument: Don't put logic in tests

I consider test suites to be first class code. They need to be clean, adaptable, and frequently refactored just like the primary code. Thus I was quite bothered to see the article… 750 more words


Fire and Rain

Every morning on our internal web site, the American Red Cross publishes the “Morning Report.” The report covers all of the places and events in which the Red Cross has an active disaster response going on. 239 more words