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You Mean Well, But I'm Not With You (A Response to Emma Watson)

So, I only just recently watched Emma Watson’s speech to the UN about how men and women should join with her in calling themselves feminists, and how this is something that men should be just as active and outspoken as women about.  941 more words


Does Technology destroy our relationship with nature?

I am a student learning on the environmental literature on nature and the world and would be glad to get comments and feedbacks on this topic. 18 more words


What are we rewarding?

I was walking down a local road recently and I could see ahead of me a speeding warning sign. The sign flashes the maximum speed that you should be travelling for any vehicles exceeding that speed limit. 268 more words

Now There's A Thought...

Response to Rituals in Disgrace

It definitely seems that Coetzee could be suggesting that rituals rooted in tradition are antiquated methods for coping with the problems the new South Africa is facing through David’s struggle with them; however, an argument could also be made that David’s inability to appropriately perform rituals could parallel his struggle to fit into the new South Africa. 187 more words


Confidence In Government Ability to Fight Ebola Drops

The government has not done much to bolster the image it can handle an outbreak of the Ebola virus.  With the handling of workers who cared for Mr. 69 more words


Reflections Over The Week

Monday: I tried experimenting with my voice by trying to see if I really *did* know what my head voice was.

Tuesday: Sang the Major Scale 3 times in front of my bedroom mirror. 38 more words


Many are called, but FEW are chosen

This week’s challenge at esthernewtonblog.wordpress.com is to write a story in twenty words. Here is my attempt.

He wasn’t ready to retire
He had to keep on working… 9 more words