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Three Of The Greater Responses To Sexting I've Seen

You just know Norman is batshit crazy with a backwards winkie face and one heart shy of a flush.  Only crazies do that.  And bravo to this chick.   169 more words


Democratized Culture: Press Play Pause

Democratized culture has always come into fire ever since technology became so accessible to the general public. A cultural practice that was once closed off to a select lucky and talented few is now open to almost everyone. 531 more words


Deicy Cordero HW April 28

Project: Zodiac Playing Cards

Group: Deicy, Ian, Anna

Printing Facility:

  • Printerstudio.com
  • makeplayingcards.com
  • artscow.com

Type of press it will be printed on:

  • Printerstudio.com:
  • Makeplayingcards.com:
  • Artscow.com: Fuji Xerox Docucolor 5065 digital color multifunction printer…
  • 259 more words

Question Twenty Six

Hello everyone,

This blog has been such a massive success in so many ways and I am so grateful for it. However, I haven’t been asking questions lately that seem to evoke responses. 16 more words

The End Is Here

Final class project

Well the end of the semester is finally upon us and that means it’s time for the final class project for the blog. 184 more words


Does The Party Stop For Single Women Over 30?

It’s a really great time to be a woman. The stars are aligned or whatever because you get to laugh with your girlfriends and go to brunch and wear yoga pants everyday. 1,022 more words

Does Christian = Christ-like? Nope.

I love a good debate. It’s so fun to read the differing view points from people all over the world. The internet is so awesome that way; allowing us to virtually and instantly connect. 835 more words