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pituitary, prolactin, procedures, and . . . possibility?

Early this morning I had my first CT scan with iodine contrast.  I don’t like the iodine bit, but lying motionless for several minutes with noises around my head–I’ve got that one down.  495 more words


John Wainwright - Response to the Film Issue

Poet John Wainwright has written a response to The Film Issue of Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own called FILM ISSUE RESPONSE{s two}. 38 more words


My current source of irritation

The videos clog up my news feed. The tabloid online newspapers feature it. Even high-profile figures have caught on the craze. 581 more words


Why I wrote the 'letter to parents'

My recent post/letter to the parents of A level students was a hit in terms of views. Now for those of you who have taken the time to look at my posts apart from that letter, I offer you some background to exactly why I wrote it. 570 more words


Gungor: Concluding Unscientific Post-Script

This post follows on the immediately previous post concerning Christian musician Michael Gungor’s public unwillingness to accept a literal seven-days-of-creation approach to Genesis 1.  The previous, longer post may be found here ( 1,872 more words

501 To 2000 Words

on going home again

I started writing this post as a comment on a post over at Gruntled and Hinged, in which Kate talks about the phenomenon of not being able “to go home again”– of not being able to go back to who we were before : 1,319 more words


Video Response: Witchcraft is Manipulation

Responding to the many statements in this video. Let me know what you think, and would add. This is not against Christians, but I found this man a bit radical and a hypocrite.   1,536 more words