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Responses to Customers Are Important In Online Reputation Management

“Efficient online reputation monitoring entails keeping track of both positive and negative feedback. However, these reviews must be segregated so that business owners can know which is which. 108 more words

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July 31 Response

1) Following the Great Southern Migration, one thing that remained unchanged was that the main seat of political power was still in the north. The northern part of modern-day China lacked the resources to sustain an empire in terms of culture, population, or wealth, but still had the political knowledge and institutions to run an empire. 1,105 more words


Remember the Titans, "Based on a True Story," and the Sometimes-No-BS Wonder of Great Cliches

In lieu of a regular movie review this week, I thought I’d respond to a Deadspin post yesterday about Greg Paspatis, former kicker for T.C. Williams high school under coach Herman Boone. 977 more words


Government’s licence-to-drill consultation ignored vast majority of responses

30th July 2014

Ministers ignored the views of the vast majority of people and organisations who responded to the government consultation on new oil and gas drilling licences.

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John Wainwright

Poet John Wainwright has written a response to The Architecture Issue of Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own called A Sunny Day in May… 43 more words


July 28 Response

1) The first real similarity between Xunzi and Han Feizi is the idea of the type of ruler who should be on the throne. Both men see the ruler as someone who should employ others effectively to create the best possible government. 1,090 more words


Haters gonna hate

This is more of a note-to-self than anything else; something I can come back to, every time I’m in a similar situation. The premise: I made a big dream of mine come true recently, and the responses I’ve got from others were, well.. 331 more words