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Responses to drafts

By this point in the semester you’ve had the chance to form a sense of the projects most of the other members of this seminar are developing—the issues they’re dealing with, their aims in writing about them, the materials they’re working with. 272 more words


Response to How the Blind Are Reinventing the iPhone

It turns out that the dreaded flat sheet of glass is not as big a problem for blind users as originally thought. Apple has a built-in suite of tools for developers to take advantage of when designing their apps. 345 more words

Weekly Reading Responses

Response to Representing Users in Accessibility Research

While this article focuses primarily on HCI testing with disabled participants, the concepts seem as if they could apply to other situations where finding a representative user is difficult. 319 more words

Weekly Reading Responses


Copyright is tough thing to fight against. When you look at Artistic Copyright, it’s hard to think about, because why would you want people to steal your work? 424 more words


Facebook/Newspaper Paper

This assignment was to see how the Facebook community interacts with an article that I posted to my Facebook wall.

Newspaper/Facebook Assignment

I chose to link an article about how a man purchased twenty seven dollars worth of bitcoins in 2009, which are now worth $886,000. 886 more words


Degree of Harmony

Spirit tells me that action expresses thought more honestly than words alone usually do, when it isn’t designed to pretend to express thought.

How could action pretend to express thought? 51 more words

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Convicting Ms. No:

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