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What was the most #lethal #machine in your hands today?

You are #responsible for its use whether you like it or not.

Driving along Sandton Drive I can chose to drive 70 and not follow the average 90 that my fellow travelers prefer. 362 more words

Of Churches and Truck Stops – Part 5

NEWS FLASH!!! Acts: Volume 8 of Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Shoes is now available from CreateSpace (paperbacks) and Kindle (eBooks). Click on the link to the right of this page to go to Amazon and place your order. 566 more words

Church Age

We love the Constitution yet hate our government. The past tells us why.

Summary:  The pasts of other nations provide insights into the problems of America today, free lessons of what works and what fails. Some pasts are more relevant than most. 1,067 more words


High Emotions

My emotions feel as if I’m in some strange and gooey dream drifting up in the clouds. For the past summer weeks, I’ve woken up in the early hours of the morning with a pounding heart from dreaming. 515 more words


We Are Purposeful But Not Programmed

“We are purposeful in our choices; we are not programmed by past or present influences in any manner that relieves us of responsibility for the directions we choose. 97 more words

Reflections By Dr. Larry Crabb

Wilfred "Responsibility" Review (Season 4, Episode 7)

Wilfred has always been a show of twists and turns with many of them being complete fake-outs but this episode decided to take one that is very much permanent…and very much out of left field and doesn’t even necessarily affect the actual storyline but it still remained incredibly effective. 894 more words

The Great and Powerful Oz

If asked ‘who do you trust on TV today?’ many people might say: Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, maybe even Dr. Oz or Ellen. When it comes to news specifically, many watch their preferred networks and personalities based on the credibility and ability to produce unbiased and neutral opinions and information. 330 more words

Public Relations