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A Blogger's Global Influence

As probably many bloggers do, I get a kick out of checking my blog stats from time to time and when I do this, I am awed by one particular stat. 319 more words


How to... Be a Student

So, being a student…. In my opinion, it’s somewhat like having a split personality disorder, some days you’re like “oh my gosh! The freedom!” these are the days where you buy whatever food you want and stay up as late as you want because your mum isn’t around to say otherwise and on others you feel like crawling in a ball and the majority of the time you end up calling your mummy saying “I want to come live with you and not be an adult, being grown up sucks” these are the days spent in your pyjamas watching those television shows you watched as a child such as The Tweenies or Rugrats. 564 more words


“Model Janice Dickinson, the most high-profile accuser, also told the “Entertainment Tonight” TV program that she believes Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1982.” – Reuters – By Barbara Liston, Piya Sinha-Roy and Eric Kelsey… 276 more words



I have several friends who are struggling with transition. Who are going through divorces or breakups. Those that have been let go from or are considering changing jobs. 484 more words


Blog to Feed the child


Last weekend, as we were comfortably seated in our air-conditioned car enjoying our Ferraro Rochers, we had to stop by a signal. At the signal, we noticed that some kids wearing ragged clothes, looking starved for long, came running towards the car to sell coloring books, car cleaning clothes etc. 871 more words


Let's get critical...

At our core, you and I, we are all the same. Nothing more than a mind granted with a gift that allows us to interpret the relationship between light, space and time. 551 more words