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My happiness responsibilities

1. I am responsible to understand what makes me happy

2. I am responsible to let others know what makes me happy and what doesn’t… 26 more words


Corporate Social Responsibility.......Sounds Boring Right?

Here’s Why It’s Not

The UK, or to be more precise, Scotland and it’s people are known to enjoy a nice drink..or two…or 15..you get the idea ;) 567 more words


REV this is not the advertising

This is REV.

Vodka, juice and something.

When I see this slim bottle, I was thinking like

“wow. what the hell is this? so sexy!” 29 more words


Just for a short while...

Open roads
favourite places
bombing along
in the car
window open

Thoughts my own
unadulterated by
if just for a

Music…my choice… 59 more words


Takes time to believe it

I keep feeling stuck.


This is a question I have so much trouble answering.

Is it because I can’t believe that I’m in this situation?   306 more words

Safe and Sound

Inspiration is a funny thing.

Sometimes the smallest things, things that you would normally take for granted or ignore altogether, jump out at you like a cobra stalking its prey.  532 more words

“To be aware of responsibility is to be aware of creatings one’s own self, destiny, life predicament, feelings and, if such be the case, one’s own suffering.”  Irvin Yalom