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TGIF! Solar Eclipse, Leadership and Reponsibility.

Let me start this post with a question. Are you a good leader?

Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t – either way, we are all faced with big and small responsibility in our daily lives. 719 more words


Monica Lewinsky Blames Matt Drudge For Her Affair With Clinton!

Yeah….it’s all Matt Drudge’s fault. He’s the guy that got Monica Lewinsky into the White House as an intern back in the 90’s. He’s the guy that told her to have an affair with a married man. 707 more words


18. Don't be ungrateful; manners cost nothing.

A ‘buy one get one free’ message today.

I don’t help people to get thanks. I don’t give way to people on the road so that they feel indebted to me or for some appeal to the bank of good karma to help me out further along the journey. 279 more words


What were you thinking?! Setting the stage for a better conversation

Many people are passionate about what they do. We care deeply about our projects, our clients and our own success. This can cause us to feel a high level of frustration when things go wrong. 330 more words


Compass, Yardstick, Mirror: A Shield Teaching

In the Zen Earth Way, it is traditional to come together in Ceremony every seven years to take a census of our Selves, to consider the aggregate of our personal and spiritual growth, to determine if previously stated dreams have been given Life or to concede honestly that they yet remain unfulfilled. 128 more words

Dream Shield Gathering


After my mother’s death, my Aunt Helene readily inserted herself as a surrogate.  I had always been very close to Mom’s younger sister and I welcomed her nurturing and support at both that difficult time and for many years afterward.  1,816 more words

America's Problems