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Cake Face

It is no secret that I love cake. In fact, I am known at work as the lady who eats cake for breakfast and pie for lunch. 264 more words


Baby, it's Hot Outside.

Summer is upon us and as usual, I am far from ready to deal with the heat. I blame my ancestors. They all come from the cold highlands, so I am not predisposed to any kind of heat whatsoever. 144 more words


To Consume or Not Consume

Unconsciously I’ve been struggling with the need-want trap lately.  I’ve been making copious “I need…” lists in my head.  They go something like this:

I need new jogging pants. 455 more words

HuffPo: My Breakup Letter to Hobby Lobby


I used to live in Tulsa, OK, the home of Hobby Lobby. I even used to shop there. 20 years ago. I also quit shopping there (and their sister store Mardel’s) 20 years ago–for many of the same reasons we see in the headlines today. 470 more words

Liberty And Democracy

Ever Forward

Progress. Like genius, it too is a double edged sword. But still, ever forward. Change hits most people in an awkward and uncomfortable place, but I am a bit of a change junkie, and I think that is why I am so well suited to the job that I get to do for the Co-op, for there is no better way to inspire change than to be truly excited about it. 344 more words

The Reality of Genius

Today I was inquiring around the office as to how I could get paid for my genius. (Suspension of disbelief might play a larger role than is normally required for my blog posts.) I asked a few people and was directed to Tom, The Co-op’s information systems coordinator, who told me, “Genius is a double-edged sword, just look at Tesla.” Mind blowing, disheartening, and unfortunately, true. 594 more words


Gluten-free and FABULOUS!!

I was gluten-free before it was cool. Yup. believe it or not, back in 1991, I was told that I was gluten intolerant. This strange bit of information was delivered to me shortly after I was told that I was… 350 more words