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Rude Hand Gestures Around the World

Before traveling to other countries, it’s good to be aware of the different customs and basic etiquette at your destination. Some simple hand gestures that seem innocent to you, may be a huge insult to the locals. 79 more words

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Travel Bloggers: Deconstructing the Work of Ancient Explorers

“The Red Queen Theory states that ‘in order for things to stay the same, they must change.’  Today’s Travel Bloggers are that change.”

Human history started with the record of the written word; “wedge-shaped” writing, … 296 more words

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Most travellers have at least heard the mantra ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints’, whether they choose to live by it or not. The popular refrain is usually used when talking about fragile environments- beaches, woods, grasslands, etc, and refers to the need for people to act in such a way as to cause as little damage as possible. 526 more words


La Gente de Colombia / Colombia and its People

Colombia es un país de contrastes. No sólo de contrastes geográficos, climáticos y naturales sino también de contraste culturales, de costumbres, tradiciones, creencias y formas de vida dependiendo de la región. 287 more words

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Okavango village tours

Helicopter Horizons make some of the most remote villages in the Okavango Delta accessible to those looking for a cultural side to complement its amazing wildlife, providing an unforgettable insight into a way of life that has changed very little for many generations. 152 more words


Los Imprescindibles de Samba en Sao Paulo / The Essential Samba Hotspots in Sao Paulo

La samba es uno de los estilos musicales más populares de Brasil y es una de las principales expresiones de la cultura brasileña. La samba nació de la mezcla de música africana y brasileña. 1,149 more words

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