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Your day is today

Now is the time to take care of yourself.  Too often we think of what we can do for others.  Even to the extent that there is guilt in having a moment for yourself.   123 more words

Are You Ready For Tigerfest?!

Who is ready for Tigerfest?!

Steve Aoki and Juicy J are, that’s for sure. The new setup, in the SECU Arena, will provide a smaller, more “intimate” atmosphere for this year’s concert. 270 more words

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Composting on the Appalachian Trail

One of my goals may be unreasonable because it requires that I carry extra weight. I want to compost any food scraps that I have while hiking on the trail, and unload the compost on beneficiaries who would appreciate it. 220 more words

Appalachian Trail

Kermit Says: Be a Team Player

Why do teachers insist on assigning group work? So kids learn how to work together? So they learn how to be responsible? So they learn how to communicate? 431 more words

Kermit Says

The Person I most Look Up To Is..........

Today I will be talking about the person/people I most look up to. So to start off with this week’s blog I just want to wish a Happy Easter to all of my family and friends in Hickory and Durham and everyone reading my blog this week. 608 more words

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