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Finding Responsible Businesses

As consumers, we need to take responsibility for the companies we support. So frequently we get caught up going through the motions of buying our groceries, shopping, and just generally doin’ what we’ve gotta do, that we don’t consider the manufacturers and sources of the products we buy. 82 more words

We women are so fortunate to have so many Real Men in this world.

My Thoughts

The work place and sex is complicated

Having been in in the lifestyle for two and half years and still going does not make me an expert.  We have learnt a lot from our mistakes and miscommunication.   1,236 more words

Non Monogamous

On Forgiveness and Love

And we will tell you that sometimes the idea of Forgiveness is too hard to move straight into. The idea of Forgiveness often feels like a brick wall that you are trying to get to the other side of. 333 more words

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True leaders are [re]sponsor-able

Leadership implies authority and with authority comes responsibility. With great authority comes greater responsibility. Why? Because the greater the authority, the greater the number of people affected by a leaders action or inaction—positively or negatively. 224 more words


Thought for Today 7.28.14

“If I think I’m supposed to be doing anything but what I’m doing now, I’m insane.”- Katie


5 Ways I Changed the World this Week

Ok, technically I didn’t “Change the World,” but if we don’t celebrate the small improvements we make in our lives, we’d never have the energy to make the big changes. 554 more words