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This writeup is about the many popular mobile apps out there who would be so much more better, if only they were designed for context of use… 747 more words


How Visitors see your Website

Your Website is perfect?!

Ok, you got Visitors to your Website, but what happen while the potential client is there. Design and Content is important and within 2,6 seconds the visit might be over. 50 more words


Website Development

Today in lecture I was introdcued to responsive design the rapid change in the web industry, also as a group we were disccusing the issues developers deal with inregards to responsive design. 63 more words

Website Development

10 Responsive Design Problems and Fixes

The Internet is changing, with responsive websites quickly adapting to any device and screen size to bring the user the most dynamic experience possible. From multinational corporations like Sony, Microsoft, and Nokia to global tech stars like Salesforce to online travel giants like Expedia, serious players are turning to responsive web design to march in step with the current trends in and reach an even wider audience of customers. 1,533 more words

Tips For Web

Basic Website Design

A Website is easy?!

Everybody need a website for his Company, for his Art or for other activities of your digital life. But to create a website you have to think before, you have to create a structure, look for pictures and…. 54 more words