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Where Is The Caffeine? I Need More Buzz!

I am finally making a switch to using HTML5. For the last half-year I have been transforming productions I have made before into the new platform. 1,384 more words


About Membership Manager

Membership Manager

Welcome to the Next generation of association management.
Association Management Ecosystem™ – a new approach to association management activities.

Our Association Management Ecosystem™ approach is for mid-size and large organizations – working with customers that include both company and individual based memberships, and multi-faceted systems. 2,833 more words


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A List Apart – Planning for Performance

Really cool blog. Excellent article. I am very interested in finding that harmony of light-weight design and yet powerful content delivery model. 147 more words

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The Not-So-Great Present and The Bright Future of Mobile Web

It is striking just how big the mobile web grew, yet how poor the mobile user experience is.

Sites are reporting that 50-70% of the traffic is on mobile, yet their pages either don’t render at all or don’t render legibly on mobile. 1,122 more words


Things that Keep Me Up At Night

Our digital marketing aim at Exhibit India is to stay ahead in a competitive online market. In an effort to continue differentiating ourselves we focus a significant portion of our efforts on building the best possible customer experience. 553 more words

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How good is your mobile site? Quick health check

Statistically speaking, there’s every chance you could be browsing this article on a mobile device, like almost 60% of today’s Internet users. And with on-screen real estate at a premium on mobile devices, there’s literally no room for site-design errors where tablet and smartphone access is concerned. 344 more words